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Dying Matters Week – Island support

Dying Matters Week – Island support
12 May 2021

Mountbatten Isle of Wight Psychology and Bereavement Service

Dealing with the reality of being diagnosed with a life-limiting illness can be devastating. You may react by feeling angry, sad or guilty. It can affect your memory, concentration, motivation, thoughts and beliefs.

It can become harder to concentrate and remember things, and some people may start to withdraw from others, and become more isolated.

Sometimes it can help to talk to someone who is independent and trained to listen, and who will support you, through your illness.

Mountbatten's expert Clinical Psychologists and counsellors offer individual and group support, depending on your own particular wishes and needs.

Supporting family, friends and carers 

Bereavement is a natural response following the death of a person you have loved or cared for. The death of a friend or relative can be devastating and, at times, seem unbearable.

The bereavement team is available to support you, usually offering up to six sessions, with each one lasting an hour. You will be invited to attend a bereavement group for up to a year, which will give you the opportunity to meet others who have suffered a similar experience.

Memorial services are held throughout the year and you will be invited to attend one around six months after your loss. 

All support given is confidential.

Accessing this service

Anyone who is being, or has been cared for by Mountbatten, can access this service, including family and friends.

The Mountbatten bereavement support is available to everyone - whether or not you, or your loved one, have previously been supported by Mountbatten. You can ask your GP to refer you to the service, or you can contact the team directly on (01983) 217346.

Children and families

Thanks to the partnership with the Sophie Rolf Trust, known as KissyPuppy, there is also bereavement support for children and families.

Have you lost someone close to you? 

Have you lost someone you were close to? A partner, a sibling, a friend? No matter when this happened, either recently, or a while ago, are you in need of a friendly voice and someone to talk to? 

It is very natural to feel confused and bewildered by bereavement and grief. There are many of us who navigate this difficult and challenging time alone. The team at Mountbatten recognises the power of talking to someone, and the good that can come from sharing our experiences. After all, as the saying goes, a trouble shared is a trouble halved.

Mountbatten Bereavement Support Helpline

The Mountbatten Bereavement Support Helpline is available to anyone who needs a listening ear. You may be living alone, you may be recently bereaved - no matter who you are or what you’re facing, they are here to help. You do not need to already be known to Mountbatten, just call the helpline from 10am to midnight, any day of the week, to speak to a friendly and trained volunteer.  

Visit the Psychology and Bereavement Service web page on the Mountbatten website or call the helpline for support: (01983) 217297. 

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