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From chippy tea to A&E...

Kyle freemantle WS
From chippy tea to A&E...
30 April 2021

Kyle Freemantle has been working in our Emergency Department (A&E) for the last 6 months as an Emergency Department Assistant but will be leaving the Trust at the end of the month to return back to his own business which is a well-known and busy seaside café in Ventnor called ‘Golden Sands’.

As a huge thank you to the NHS and to all of the wonderful colleagues that Kyle has got to meet in his time with us, Kyle is kindly offering a 10% discount to all NHS STAFF at his café until the 17 May!

We went and found Kyle in the Emergency Department to find out a little more about how a café owner ended up working in a busy Emergency Department during the middle of a pandemic…

Tell us a little bit about yourself Kyle?

This will be my 7th season of owning ‘Golden Sands', we only open in the summer months so in the first lockdown I applied for the hospital bank and was lucky to have a role on the Children’s ward as a cleanliness assistant. I opened the café back up for a few months in the summer and in November 2020 I applied for the role in ED which I was also very lucky to get.

Why did you want to work for the NHS?

I really wanted to do something that would help during these difficult times. I figured with being young and fit, if I was unfortunate enough to catch COVID my chances of survival would be greater, so I could afford to take that risk and give something back.

What has it been like working in the Emergency Department?

Amazing. I really do love it, so much so that if it was different times I would look at a possible career change. I leave happy every day. I’m really going to miss it, I’m getting upset thinking about leaving, everyone has been so nice and have really looked after me and each other. There is no hierarchy feel, everyone mucks in and does there bit, it is real team work.

How different has the role as a healthcare assistant been to a café owner?

Completely different! I’ve only ever worked in kitchens. I can now take bloods, do cannulations, catheters, ECG’s and I’m about to do training for plaster casting. The café keeps me busy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Don’t get me wrong it’s busy here, very busy but you get breaks and days off, with owning the café I’m just non-stop for months at a time.

If someone was thinking of starting a career in healthcare what advice would you give to them?

Do it, 100% go for it. I didn’t like blood and I would never imaged a year ago that this is where I would be today, taking bloods and doing cannulations and loving it so much. With some training and good guidance, the responsibility you are given and the amount you learn in 6 months is mind blowing but the satisfaction you get from helping is the overall buzz. I have loved helping and I’m enjoying it so much it doesn’t feel like a job. I would love to come back and do more one day.

Why are you so kindly offering 10% off to NHS staff at your café?

To say thank you, thank you for employing me, thank you for all your hard work to care for the Island community and thank you for making my time at the Trust so memorable. I really will miss it.

Golden sands sell hot and cold drinks, food and 36 different flavours of ice-cream. Just pop along for a visit before Monday 17 May and show your NHS ID Badge to receive the 10% discount off your order.

We are also offering a free hot or cold drink to all emergency service staff in uniform (ambulance crew, police offers and firemen and coastguard) so if you are an emergency service crew member and find yourself with five minutes to spare in Ventnor please pop in for a drink on us 😀

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