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Isle of Wight NHS Trust Supports Organ Donation Week
02 September 2018

Isle of Wight NHS Trust is supporting Organ Donation Week (3rd-9th September) by urging staff, patients and the public to join the organ donor register - and, most importantly, to tell family and friends about that decision.   To highlight Organ Donation Week posters have been circulated around the Trust and a stand will be outside the Full Circle Restaurant at St. Mary’s Hospital between Monday 3rd to Wednesday 5th September with details about how to sign up to the Organ Donor Register.

Since April 2018 there have been four recipients of organs from donors identified on the Island but during the last year many families across the UK did not agree to organ donation because they did not know what their loved one wanted. This organ donation week we are reminding people that a few words can make an extraordinary difference.  Right now there are 6,400 people waiting for an organ transplant and three people on average die every day across the UK because not enough organs are being donated.

Although more than half a million people die each year across the UK, only around one in 100 die in circumstances where their organs can be donated and there are usually around 40-50 people on the Isle of Wight right now waiting for organ transplants.  So we need to ensure that every signed-up potential donor can achieve their wish by telling their family.

The aim of the Organ Donation Week campaign is to ensure donors can fulfil their wishes by encouraging them to talk their decision through with their nearest and dearest.

Muriel Prager, Consultant Intensivist at St. Mary’s Hospital, Newport, part of Isle of Wight NHS Trust, said: “It is vital for people to discuss with their families their views on Organ Donation.   If you die in circumstances where you could become a donor, specialist teams would ask your family to support your decision to donate.

“Understandably less than half of families agree to organ donation if they aren’t aware of their relative’s decision to be a donor. But approximately 90% of families do give their consent when they are aware. During an emotional and difficult time, knowing about your decision makes it much easier for them to support your wishes.

“My colleagues at the Trust and I are also very keen to recognise that our communities already really embrace and understand the importance of organ donation.”

On average each year there are four or five donors identified at St. Mary’s Hospital on the Isle of Wight. On average each donor provides three organs to enable another person to have a transplant. These are mainly kidneys and livers but there have been heart and lung transplants in the past as well.

You can find out more about organ donation and can register at www.organdonation.nhs.uk or you can call 0300 123 23 23.  If you’ve already registered, please share your decision with your friends, using the hashtag #YesIDonate.

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