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JAG accreditation is awarded to high-quality gastrointestinal endoscopy services

JAG accreditation is awarded to high-quality gastrointestinal endoscopy services
19 August 2020

Our Gastroenterology Team has been awarded the JAG accreditation for their Endoscopy Service as well as receiving high praise from the Joint Advisory Group (JAG) following an assessment on 22 July 2020.

JAG is an accreditation scheme that focuses on standards and identifies areas for development. The scheme is regarded as one of the most innovative and effective in the healthcare sector, and has been used as a model and source of inspiration for similar schemes both here and overseas. JAG accreditation is based on evidence linked to clinical quality, patient experience, workforce and training.

The team has made significant improvements its services following feedback from a visit in September 2019.

Maggie Oldham, Chief Executive at Isle of Wight NHS Trust, said: “This is fantastic news for the team and our patients as we continue work to provide outstanding care for our Island community.”

Since the visit in September the team has worked hard and heavily invested in training and development. They have also begun to do more innovative work to really drive up the quality of the service, including a bespoke development programme for people at Band 3. The programme has improved the skill mix in the team and allows endoscopy nurses to focus on tasks specific to their roles.

Pre-Assessments have changed from face to face appointments to via the telephone. There was also a group of patients who required their colonoscopy to be performed under a general anaesthetic, carried out by Theatres. They will now have their procedure carried out within the department which will really help to bring down waiting times.

The team is carrying out pre-assessments in the department and via telephone. Nervous patients or those who have learning disabilities, who require a general anaesthetic carried out by Theatres, will now have their procedure carried out within the department which will really help to bring down waiting times.

Another change the team are bringing in is the ‘Straight to test’ pathway which will mean a significant improvement for patient experience and people being seen more quickly.

Following the assessment lead assessor, Rachael Follows, said: “Robust evidence has been provided by the service for the changes made, underpinned by evident enthusiasm from multi-disciplinary teams to progress with novel solutions.  There is clear evidence of exceptional service improvement for patients, and a focus on their needs as a priority.”

Amanda Shaw, Associate Director for Clinical Support, Cancer and Diagnostics, said “This is uncommon praise from the JAG Assessors and reflects the dedication, hard work and drive that they have witnessed within the team to strive to make our Endoscopy Unit outstanding. We have strengthened our team working and I am really excited to see how the team goes from strength to strength and continues to provide the highest care for people with digestive disorders.”

Lesley Anne-Moody, Endoscopy Sister, said ‘I am so proud of the team who have embraced the changes we needed to make. This has all been achieved with having to deal with the changes that COVID-19 brought.’

Nicki Cooper, Endoscopy Operational Manager, said: “The team have a renewed sense of pride and a clear vision to ensure our patients receive the best care when they come into our department.’



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