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Jamie Hindson tells us about his fundraising journey

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Jamie Hindson tells us about his fundraising journey
26 August 2021

Jamie Hindson, from Ryde, who ran a solo half-marathon on the 18 April, 2021 raised £1000 and has kindly donated £500 to the NHS Charitable Fund to be used for mental health community services. 

He also donated £500 to St. Georges School where he has been a Teaching Assistant since 2009 and where he was a student from 2005 to 2009. Jamie also works as a Respite Carer for adults and children in the local community.

How did you come up with the idea and what planning took place to undertake his solo half-marathon?

"I think that this pandemic opened my eyes a little bit more to see that there wasn’t much support for people with mental health, people were losing their jobs and homes and it was an awful year for so many people and I have always wanted to do something for a good cause.

I enjoyed sport when I was younger and I got in touch with one of my colleagues Coral Leach, who does a lot of running herself and has done a marathon before. We also did an abseil challenge in 2016 where we abseiled down the highest Waterfall (220ft) in the UK, raising money for South West Children’s hospice. She was my inspiration behind most of this and I knew she would be the person to get the advice and the best direction from, so I touched based with her and asked if it would be possible to do a solo half-marathon, and not to break any guidelines during lockdown. A lot of the online route planning took place during lockdown via messages, including the planning of the 13.5 mile half-marathon route. When we were once again allowed to meet up with one person outside, we did a bit of the running training together.”

As part of the planning process, Jamie ensured that they followed Government guidelines, and after having to delay and reschedule the run a few times because of Covid-19 restrictions, further lockdowns, the roadmaps out of lockdown and additional adjustments that needed to be made. Jamie finally managed to run his solo half marathon on a sunny day on the 18 April this year."

What motivated you to donate funds raised to community mental health?

“I have had some experience of supporting people who have needed mental health support and was able to offer information including signposting them to either support bubbles, Nine Acres, the Samaritans and to offer some care. They have managed to find work again and get back on track.

Doing this helped my mental health and kept my fitness levels up; it was a good experience and I felt good in myself to raise money on behalf of mental health so that people may benefit from this donation. I would highly recommend doing something like this as everyone needs each other in a time like this and everyone needs support.

I decided to make this donation because of my personal experience – I knew a lot of people at the time who were suffering, with the changes, people not allowed to see each other, and we had to stay indoors – a lot of people found that very, very hard and I thought that there wasn’t a lot out there to do. I have seen people close to me depressed and it was heart breaking to witness.

I am the sort of person who likes to go out there to help people. I like to do things and wasn’t going to sit around, so that is why I wanted to do something that I hope will benefit and help people “

Would you do it again?

“I do admit I ached the next few days, I was really feeling it and I had to go to work again the next day, but I would do this again in a heartbeat and I may even consider a full marathon. The support I had with my solo half-marathon challenge this year has been amazing. I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to those who donated, shared, liked and helped me do this challenge. Raising £500 was my target but to raise £1000 for the island mental health was just an incredible feeling.

It was lovely to meet the MH Liaison Team and to be able to hand over the cheque to support community mental health for people in our community. “

Jamie Hindson Fundraiser

Pics: Jame Hindson with Coral Leach/ Jamie on his run/ Jamie with members of the MHLD Liaison Team, Jo Tucker and Bev Fryer, MHLD Head of Nursing. 


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