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Johnny Grimshaw - ‘Paintings to Music’
04 May 2018

An exhibition of paintings by local painter, Johnny Grimshaw, is on display in the Full Circle Exhibition space at St. Mary’s Hospital.

The pictures on display focus primarily on his daughter Angelina Grimshaw, songwriter and well-travelled blues, country and folk musician. Johnny Grimshaw describes himself as someone born a long time ago living on the Isle of Wight and is a ‘chromatic poet’ rather than a painter and far more in contact with songwriters and musicians rather than other visual artists.

He paints entirely in oils, every day and many of the images step straight from the lyrics of Angelina’s songs and have been selected for her CD and LP covers. To reverse the process, Angelina has often composed lyrics inspired by her father Johnny’s art works.

Commenting on his paintings, Johnny Grimshaw, said: “‘When I write songs I wrap words around my thoughts, when I’m in my studio I cloth them in oil paints. It’s like riding on the upper deck of a bus, travelling around the world and you see a million images but only at a quick glance, a momentary glimpse at another person’s reason for being.”

Angelina, his daughter, comments: “In this style of working there is no time afforded for background study or even positively identifiable features. Therefore, for this very reason, he offers only the likeness of shape, imagery and atmospheric location and does not intrude upon or attempt to finalise an ongoing composition, a piece of poetry which he himself has been momentarily privy to glimpse. In a symbolic way he hands the viewer a loaded paint brush to let him or her complete this work for the fulfilment of their own imagination.”

This exhibition is being presented by Healing Arts. If you are interested and wish to know more about the Exhibition programme please contact: Guy Eades. T: 01983 534253 or email: healingarts@iow.nhs.uk 

List of Works 

  1. Patchwork dream
  2. Thinking Blue … Flowers Blues
  3. Orange Flamenco
  4. Somewhere down in Folks Ville
  5. Autumns revelry
  6. Rock n’ Roll roses
  7. The day of the flowers
  8. Wine and Roses
  9. Drinking with daffodils
  10. Revelry in oblivion
  11. Sewing up a song or two
  12. China blue with a guitar
  13. China blue
  14. The guitarist and jazz singer
  15. Almond blossom road
  16. Once upon a time in an almond wood
  17. Migrant swans


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