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Lifetime achievement award for our Specialist Urology Nurse

Lifetime achievement award for our Specialist Urology Nurse
03 June 2021

Congratulations to Jane Perry, Specialist Urology Nurse (far left in the photo above), who has been presented with a Lifetime achievement award as part of our Trust CARE Awards. Jane has served our Island community for over 40 years, in which time she has lead fantastic improvements to our services and delivered high quality, compassion care for our community.

Please take a moment to watch the video and share Jane's surprise as her team welcome her to the award presentation...

Longstanding career with the NHS

  • Jane Perry has been a long-standing member of staff within the NHS on the Island, starting her NHS career in 1978 as a Theatre Nurse at the former Ryde Hospital. Over the next 4 years Jane became a fully registered nurse and joined the surgical wards.
  • From Ryde Hospital, Jane then joined the team at Frank James Hospital in East Cowes and remained there until the hospital was closed.
  • Jane then joined Lower B surgical ward here at St. Mary’s Hospital before taking a number of roles across the Trust including Endoscopy and senior nurse roles on a number of wards including the then known Binstead Ward.
  • Jane became the Trust’s first Specialist Nurse and has been working as a full time Urology Specialist Nurse ever since, as the longest serving member of the urology department
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic Jane has vaccinated 600+ staff and members of the public to this day.
  • Jane was due to retire in February but instead gave her time to support the NHS response to the pandemic. When Jane moves on to her new adventures. she will be greatly missed.

Jane’s achievements

  • During Jane’s time as Senior Staff Nurse on Binstead Surgical Ward, she was awarded a Shield for Acute Pain Visual Analogue for introducing a 'Patient Controlled Analgesia' button, which allows patients to take control of their own pain relief. This was introduced following Jane putting forward a strong clinical case to trail these. The rest is history and surgical wards wouldn't be without them today. 
  • Jane then started her new role as the Sister of Binstead Ward this was the same time that the ward incorporated gynae patients onto the ward, it was during this time that Jane wrote a business case for a Nurse Specialist that would support the Dr on the ward and would take on parts of their role. The business case was accepted and Jane Perry began the first Specialist Nurse to work at St Mary's Hospital, as a Urology Practitioner for benign disease. From this it was recognised that this new role was very successful and allowed nurses to focus on particular areas and to take certain roles and responsibilities off the consultants
  • Jane also conceptualised and developed the haematuria one stop clinics & initiated outreach clinics long before such were recognised across the healthcare sector
  • As part of her role, Jane developed a training programme for Urodynamic training and guidelines on the treatment of male lower urinary tract symptoms.

A wonderful colleague

  • Colleagues have shared that Jane is wonderful and always makes them smile because of her good humour and diligence. One of Jane's attributes is having a great connection with the patients who really appreciate her friendly professional self, advice and support. Jane is a kind and caring nurse, who is proactive and keen to make positive changes and develop the service. Jane is always welcoming and enthusiastic in her specialist role.

Jane’s personal life

  • Jane is really devoted to her family and her grandchildren. She is a keen cyclist and also a really good artist and in the past has run art lessons for people.

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