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New equipment to support critically ill people on the Isle of Wight

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New equipment to support critically ill people on the Isle of Wight
27 June 2019

The Intensive Care Unit (ITU) at St. Mary’s Hospital has taken delivery of new equipment that will benefit patients who are critically ill.

The ITU team has received equipment that will help to make patients more comfortable when they are being moved as well as support staff in delivering safe care. It was funded by donations to the Isle of Wight NHS Trust’s Charitable Funds. 

Rehabilitation Chair

An additional rehabilitation chair will help staff on the unit to transfer patients from a bed to sitting upright in a chair which is comfortable, safe and secure. The rehab chair can also accommodate all the necessary equipment that is required to support patients receiving intensive care.

Anne Hunter, Deputy Sister said: “Specialist rehab chairs offer much more support for our patients; they support the head and hold the upper body secure, making sitting in an upright position more manageable and comfortable for patients. The chairs are great for us too; although they’re large, they’re light and really easy for us to wheel around.”

Transfer Kits

Patients in Intensive Care may need to be transferred to another hospital. The team now have two new transfer kits which enable ITU staff to deliver intensive care whilst on the move. The kits hold a vast range of equipment, like that used to intubate and ventilate patients, for example.

Anne Hunter, continued: “The transfer kits are used when we transfer patients by helicopter or ambulance to neighbouring hospitals. They include everything the team need to continue to provide intensive care whilst on the move. What we use at the bedside is in the transfer kits, which is fantastic.

“We would like to thank everyone who has supported us and donated to our charitable fund. The new equipment is really beneficial to our patients.”

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