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New service launches to support people in managing their medicines
08 March 2018

Island pharmacists are working together to improve the information and support available to help people better manage their medicines.

A new service is being launched which will enable pharmacists across the island to share information about a person’s medication history electronically so that an accurate and up-to-date record is held. 

The system will go live in April and can provide a community pharmacy of choice with information needed to be able to help with any new or changed medicines following a hospital stay providing the person has given their consent for their information to be shared. When they return home, the nominated pharmacy will invite them in for a one to one chat about their medicines. If anyone is unable to get in to their local pharmacy one of the Islands Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) pharmacists will arrange a home visit instead. 

Gill Honeywell, Chief Pharmacist at St. Mary’s Hospital, said: “Spending time away from home can be stressful; health care professionals take care of medicines during hospital stays, but returning home with different or more medication can be confusing. Our Medicines Helpline has been set up to support people when they leave hospital and soon we will have the ability to share information between island pharmacies which will provide a clear record of a person’s medication, where new medicines have been prescribed or where changes have been made to so that pharmacists are able to carry out medicine reviews and make sure people are getting the most from their medicines.” 

The new electronic service is designed to improve on the Medicines Helpline service by safely and securely transferring information about medicines to a community pharmacist. The Hospital Pharmacy Medicines Helpline which supports around 100 people a month in the first few days after they leave hospital and return home will continue to offer support. The Pharmacy team at St. Mary’s Hospital operate the helpline Monday to Friday, 9-12noon and it is also available for anyone to call if they have questions about their medicines following an outpatient appointment.   

Gill Honeywell continued: “Over time people who take a number of different types of medicines, for different reasons, can find their treatments don’t work as well together or they forget to take their medication which can sometimes make them feel worse. A medicines use review can help prevent trips to the GP or even hospital, and most importantly, help people feel better. It is really important that we all know what medicines we are taking and how we take them and pharmacists are best placed to help with this.” 

‘Meet Mo’ is a campaign to encourage people, who may be struggling with medicines, to seek help. A series of videos have been produced by Wessex Academic Health Science Network to encourage people who take several types of medicine to book a review with their local pharmacist and supports patients who have had a visit to hospital. For more information about the ‘Meet Mo’ campaign visit www.wessexahsn.org.uk/Mo

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