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News from the Trust’s Patient Council
13 September 2019

The IOW NHS Trust’s Patient Council met on Monday 9th September.

The Patient Council meets every six weeks at St Mary’s Hospital, to provide a patient perspective and to help address matters identified as important by patients. The Patient Council assist in shaping Strategies and new initiatives and provides representatives to various Trust committees. Members of the Patient Council are also involved in other pieces of work as agreed with the Trust to help in improving the quality of services.

At Monday’s meeting, Suzanne Rostron, The IOW NHS Trust’s Executive Director of Quality Governance attended to deliver a presentation to the members on the recent results of the Care Quality Commission (CQC) Inspection Report. Suzanne explained to the members the overall rating for the Trust and the ratings received for each service inspected. Suzanne detailed the positive steps taken by services and the areas that still need to be focused on.

The Island’s Wheelchair Service currently provided by Millbrook has to go out to procurement. Sarah Stringer, Head of Community Service Commissioning for the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Partnership of Clinical Commissioning Groups discussed with the Patient Council members the engagement process she has gone through to seek what service users want to see in the new service specification. The Patient Council members were pleased to hear that the service users needs had been listened to; with the main priorities focused on accessibility, out of hours and the assessment process.

The Patient Council are always seeking ways to be more visible to the local community, so they can be more representative of the Island People. This week they were pleased to receive a visit from Age UK’s, Age Friendly Officer and one of its members. The members were informed about the Age Friendly Forums that take place across the Island and ways in which the Patient Council can work more closely together with the Forums were discussed.

The Patient Council have heard of concerns about the early mornings queue for the Phlebotomy service at Ryde Health & Wellbeing Clinic. The Manager of the Clinic and the Manager of the Trust’s Phlebotomy service were invited in to speak to the members so they could have a better understanding about the demand on the Phlebotomy service. Ryde H&WB Clinic has the capacity for only two phlebotomist; the Phlebotomy service at St Mary’s Hospital has recently increased, with now five phlebotomists to help reduce the pressures.

Pam Fenna, Chair of the Patient Council “Septembers meeting was busy but very informative. We appreciate people taking the time to attend our meetings so we are much better informed on subjects and key events that are taking place.

We are pleased that the Trust has received a ‘require improvements’ rating from the CQC, it shows the Trust is taking positive steps in ‘Getting to Good’ however we understand there is still a lot of work to be done and at a considerable pace.

We still want to be more representative of the island people and raise matters important to the island public but in order to do that we need to know of people’s experience of using the Trust Services, whether that is positive of negative. We are unable to look into individual feedback

but we can collate that information and report up to the Trust Board on any themes that are re-emerging about a service or any particularly good or bad experience, so let us be your voice! If you would like to inform us of your experience please email us at All feedback will be treated as confidential”

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