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Our staff should not have to work in fear of their Safety
14 June 2018

IOW NHS Trust is reminding members of the public that it has a ‘Zero tolerance’ approach towards violence, aggression and abuse; NHS staff should be able to do their job without fear of violence, abuse or harassment from patients, their relatives or friends.

In the majority of cases, people show appreciation towards NHS staff who care for them but unfortunately there is a minority of people who have been abusive or violent, in particular towards frontline staff. 

Victoria White, Head of Operations for Ambulance, Urgent Care and the Community says “Our committed and dedicated staff are our most valuable asset. Verbal and physical abuse or harassment towards them is totally unacceptable. Staff shouldn’t have to work in fear of their safety when they are only trying to care for patients and save lives. 

“Being it is now the summer with the Festival season ahead of us and the inevitable increase of alcohol consumption we are reminding members of the public to be respectful towards our staff members. Help us ensure that our Trust remains a safe environment for all staff to work in, whether they are out in the community, on a ward or attending a 999 call.” 

Maggie Oldham, Chief Executive added “Police assistance will always be requested when violent or abusive incidents occur towards Trust employees, we will pursue legal action and we will fully support staff who wish to bring private prosecutions against the perpetrators”

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