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Paediatric Diabetes Team devise a ‘drive-through’ approach to monitor children and young people

Peadiatric Diabetes Team ws
Paediatric Diabetes Team devise a ‘drive-through’ approach to monitor children and young people
11 June 2020

The IOW NHS Trust welcome incredible results this Diabetes Week, as the Paediatric Diabetes Team continue to roll out an innovative approach to supporting patients during the coronavirus pandemic.

The team consists of two consultants, one paediatric diabetes nurse, a specialist dietician, a counsellor and an administrator.

With the support and contributions from the parents and carers of these children and young people, the team were able to ensure that they could still closely monitor the patients while adhering to the Governments social distancing guidance.

To monitor and treat diabetes, a lot relies on technology. The team need to ensure that:

  • Vulnerable patients input into a continuous glucose monitor (Dexcom G6 or the Freestyle Libre) with data uploads so the team can review their control remotely
  • Other children and young people with other monitoring devices are encouraged to do uploads from home which makes remote reviews easier
  • Children or Young People are also asked to upload their current insulin pump settings. 

However, they also needed to monitor the weight, height and the HBA1C (a measure of blood glucose control over three months).

So, the team devised a sort of ‘’drive through’’ socially-distant way of doing this:

  • They invite the Child or Young Person to a drive- through assessment which should take no longer than five minutes
  • They come in on every half an hour for a day so no two get to meet in the outpatient department
  • The team measure the weight, height and do a finger-prick for the HBA1c  test and they then go home
  • The rest of the clinic is then done from the comfort of their home via the NHS Attend Anywhere platform

The team are in the process of acquiring a handheld HBA1C device which will make it possible to do the test in schools, homes or other places convenient for the family.

Dr Ogundiya, Paediatric Consultant said “This of course has really improved our uptake on clinics even for some teenagers who prefer not to come for face to face appointments.

Our last National Paediatric Diabetes Audits report showed marked improvements in our outcome parameters over the previous year.

It has also received very good feedback from the families of the children.

The biggest credit goes to the children and young people and the team who have given their time, energy and mental resource to achieve these outcomes.

The aim is to be the best Paediatric Diabetes Unit in the country as evidenced by our Children and Young People having the best quality of life while living with a challenging condition like Diabetes”.


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