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Sarah shares her story for Disability History Month

Sarah and Polly the pony
Sarah shares her story for Disability History Month
18 November 2021
For Disability History Month, Sarah Harrison, one of our Mental Health Peer Support workers has shared her story about how she has been supported to get back to work.

"I have suffered with mental and physical disabilities for most of my life, increasingly so over the last few years. I always wanted to go back to work but never thought it would ever happen. People would tell me that I was too poorly to work again, and I knew that if I was to even get the chance, I would need some support. I just needed someone to believe in me and give me a chance.

"I was referred to the Isorropia Foundation to continue with my recovery and it was there I started with a volunteering role. This gave me an amazing start; the support they gave me to help me realise that I was worth something and it was there I got my meaning and purpose back. Through the Isorropia Foundation, I got a position via the Staff Bank at CMHT working on the Crisis and Contingency Plans. At last, I had managed to prove, not only to myself but to others, that I could work and no matter what issues you have, it is possible. I decided to apply for a permanent Mental Health Peer Support Worker position with the Lived Experience Team, and I got the job which I was very surprised about!

"I have been in my role for 7 weeks now and everyone is so lovely and friendly helping me to settle in. My supervisor is lovely, very understanding and always around to give support wherever it is needed. She is non-judgemental and I can talk to her about anything. She has encouraged me to attend different meetings, including the Disability Equality Staff Network.

"There should be more employers out there willing to take on people with disabilities and give them the support to be able to enter the workplace again. Just because we have a disability doesn’t mean to say we can’t work; in fact, our lived experience means we may be able to help more within the workplace. We just may need some extra support, understanding, and space for to adapt."

Disability History Month takes place between 18 November and 18 December 2021 and celebrates the lives and achievements of people living with a disability. 

To find out more about Disability History Month, including this year's themes and aims head to the UK Disability History Month website

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