Richard MayEL
Second Sight
08 April 2019

There are two main reasons for me to want to show these paintings at St Mary’s Hospital.

I’ve always painted, but it’s been very much on the back burner throughout my teaching career – I had always quietly promised myself that it would come to the forefront of my thinking once I’d retired. This promise was almost broken a few years ago when I suddenly found the sight in one eye rapidly failing.  It was a situation that terrified me, but that was quickly and calmly solved by the Eye Department just around the corner from here.  All was well, but the experience did bring to an end my trusting relationship with the future; ‘I’d best crack on’, I realised – ‘It’s later than I think’.  These paintings are the result of that change of pace and direction.

The second reason to show them here at St. Mary’s is that I’ve spent a few hours recently waiting in hospital corridors – clinics, a sudden operation and more recently a long night waiting for a baby to appear. The art at St Mary’s played a vital role in keeping me calm and giving me something else to think about other than immediate health challenges and the impact they may – or may not – have.  Art, for me has always allowed a door to open into someone else’s experience, their way of seeing and thinking – and, in these corridors, it opened just in time.

‘Richard’s paintings are always intriguing to look at. He says that they’re based on real things that he’s experienced or seen and that they’re descriptive of the colours and emotions involved – but I sometimes find it hard to tell.  I like the challenge, though – especially when I can lose myself in them for a while – it’s possible to see so much in them – even if I don’t always understand how the title relates to the image!’

Visitor to the Artist’s Studio..

This exhibition is organised by Healing Arts. All the works on display are for sale and Richard May is donating 25% of each sale to the IoW NHS Charitable Funds.

If you would like to enquire about making a purchase of one of the Works on display or about opportunities for future Exhibitions please contact:
E:  T: 01983 534253.

For details of other artworks on display at St. Mary’s to view during your visit go to: and click on the link to ArtWalk. For short films to view of artworks go to youtube@IsleofWightNHS and click on playlist/Healing Arts - ‘Day by Day’

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