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IRIS at Festival
Stay safe and have fun at Isle of Wight Festival
22 June 2018

Our IRIS drug and alcohol team are at the Isle of Wight Festival with their roaming Specialist Welfare Staff offering advice and guidance to festival goers. They are handing out flyers that identify the fatal drugs that have been in circulation at other Festivals and linked to recent events at Mutiny.

Harm reduction approaches do not condone illegal/illicit drug use but aim to reduce the harmful consequences for those who do go on to take drugs. In a festival context, harm reduction approaches include the following:

a) The safest option is to not take drugs – this includes illicit or illegal drugs including (il)legal highs or prescription drugs which have not been prescribed to you, or to drink alcohol if you are taking prescription drugs which have been prescribed to you and this is listed as a contraindication on the advice sheet.

b) If you do take drugs (Just say know, low, slow) - know the likely effects and side effects of what you are planning to take; start low and slow with drugs you are intending to take as these may take time to take effect and be careful mixing drugs and alcohol; and stay with your friends and look out for them, know what they have taken and how much.

Stay Safe and have a great Isle of Wight Festival.  For further information visit the FRANK website at http://www.talktofrank.com/

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