The death of Keziah Flux-Edmonds and suicide of Darren Flux-Edmonds
11 April 2019

The Isle of Wight NHS Trust has responded to the publication of an independent report commissioned by NHS England into the tragic death of Keziah Flux-Edmonds and the suicide of Darren Flux-Edmonds.

On 1 June 2016, 6 year old Keziah Flux-Edmonds was killed by her father Darren Flux-Edmonds who then died by suicide.  Darren was receiving cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) from the Isle of Wight Trust’s Primary Care Psychological Therapies service (IAPT) at the time he killed his daughter.  An inquest found that Keziah had been unlawfully killed. 

The report concluded that the tragedy of Keziah’s death was not predictable; however, there was enough evidence to suggest that at the time that it was predictable that Darren was at a significant risk of ending his own life by suicide.  The investigation team have also concluded that the incident on 1 June 2016 that led to the tragic death of Keziah and the suicide of Darren was not preventable. 

The Trust has met with Keziah’s mother, Nikki Flux-Edmonds, on several occasions about how it has changed it services, training and approach to avoid the possibility of a similar tragedy in the future.  It has also sought her views and involvement in developing those changes.  However, Nikki believes that if Darren had been offered the support from mental health services that he needed both his suicide and the death of Keziah would have been prevented.

Maggie Oldham, Chief Executive of the Isle of Wight NHS Trust, said, “This tragedy was shocking and the impact devastating for Nikki’s family, friends and community and the effects are enduring for everyone touched by what happened.  On behalf of the trust I am very sorry that we did not do more for Keziah and Darren.

“I have met with Nikki and so have colleagues, to share what we are doing and involve her in changes.  I would like to pay tribute to her strength and dignity during this terrible time and the way she has ensured that Keziah’s memory and life are honoured and remembered. Even before I joined the Trust, I was very aware of the tragedy of Keziah’s death, which touched people across the country. 

“We have made changes and continue to do so in how our staff are trained and assessed, the processes we follow and the standards we hold ourselves to. I don’t know if we could have prevented what happened, but I do know we didn’t do everything we should and could have tried.  I also know that everyone involved in health services was devasted by Keziah’s death by her father and his suicide.  They believed they were doing the right thing and are totally committed to ensuring we have better practice and systems in place to minimise the possibility of this sort of tragedy happening again.”

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