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Trust announces two new appointments
07 January 2019

The Isle of Wight NHS Trust is pleased to announce two new appointments; the new Director of Integrated, Urgent & Emergency Care, and the Care Group Director for Integrated Urgent & Emergency Care. Tim Lynch as the Director and Tim Petterson as the Care Group Director will both join the Trust next week for a period of six months and will provide additional capacity to deliver the planned changes agreed by the Trust Board in September 2018. 

Tim Lynch has enjoyed a 36 year career with the NHS working in a variety of operational and Executive roles. His clinical background is from pre-hospital care as a paramedic and he has benefitted from working in various health care sectors and settings. His most recent experience includes roles as a Chief Operating Officer in large English NHS Trust as well as a number of assignments for NHSE/I and a Welsh Health Board.

Tim Petterson has been heavily involved in the development of acute care services and their interface with the community, quality improvement, and medical work force supply and demand – including setting up multiple Medical Assessment Units, ambulatory care units and interface services between emergency departments and community teams. His background includes positions as Clinical Director of Medical Specialties and operating as Medical Director within a transformation team at a special measures trust, alongside his ongoing commitment for working as a geriatrician. 

Tim Lynch said: “I am so pleased to be joining the Isle of Wight NHS Trust; to be able to use my skills and experience across such a unique integrated organisation is an exciting challenge which I am immensely looking forward to get started in.  I am committed to delivering a quality experience for patients and really enjoy working with engaged and motivated teams.” Tim is looking forward to working with colleagues in the unique health care environment that the Isle of Wight represents.

Tim Petterson said: “Having been involved in developing services that operate across the acute and community settings I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to work on the Isle of Wight – looking at the work the Trust has already started there has been great progress lately and I’m keen to apply my experience and passion to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical time and improve quality outcomes.”

Chief Executive Officer, Maggie Oldham, said: “I am delighted to welcome both Tim Lynch and Tim Petterson to the Trust - I am really looking forward to working with both of our new team members and feel that their experience and enthusiasm will be a huge benefit to the staff and patients on the Island.”

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