Patient Council   Julys meeting
Trust’s Patient Council Meet
23 July 2019

The IOW NHS Trust’s Patient Council met on Monday 22nd July.

The Patient Council meets every six weeks at St Mary’s Hospital, to provide a patient perspective and to help address matters identified as important by patients. The Patient Council assists in shaping Strategies and new initiatives and provides representatives to various Trust committees. Members of the Patient Council are also involved in other pieces of work as agreed with the Trust to help in improving the quality of services.

Chair of the Patient Council, Pam Fenna said “We really want to make ourselves more visible to the local community. We want to be more representative of the island people and in order to do that we need to know of people’s experience of using the Trust services, positive or negative. We need to know what is important to you, could the Trust improved your experience in anyway? Or are they doing something so well that you wouldn’t want them to change it?

“We are unable to look into individual feedback but we can collate that information and report up to the Trust Board on any themes that are re-emerging about a service or any particularly good or bad experience. Let us be your voice! If you would like to inform us of your experience please email us at All feedback will be treated as confidential”

The Patient Council has recently started the recruitment process as they need to increase their 19 members to 25 members. A lot of interest has been received from members of the public to join and the Patient Council members are looking forward to recruiting new members within the next few months that will bring wider island representation to the meetings.

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