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Tap and water
Water problems in Newport area
04 March 2018
The NHS has been working closely with others as part of the multi-agency response to the possible water issues in Newport.
Loretta Outhwaite, Interim Chief Officer at Isle of Wight Clinical Commissioning Group said: “Yesterday and overnight we have been working closely with IW Council and Southern Water to ensure that the impact of any loss of water is minimised. Bottled water has been supplied to health and care workers to ensure that vulnerable people in our Island community are kept safe. I want to thank all the staff and volunteers who have worked tirelessly to ensure that the vulnerable and the wider Island community are safe and have access to water.”
Shaun Stacey, Chief Operating Officer at Isle of Wight NHS Trust said: “Working closely with the emergency team based at IW Council we have ensured that patients being cared for in their own homes in the areas affected have access to enough water should there be a loss of supply. The St. Mary’s Hospital site including Sevenacres is currently not affected but we have a large reserve of water on the hospital site and a contingency plan if that were to run out. I want to thank everyone who has worked to ensure that Islanders and the most vulnerable in our community are cared for and safe.”
Patients who may be most affected by a loss of water supply include the housebound and those who are on dialysis or palliative care.
If you have an urgent medical need but it's not an emergency please call 111. If you are aware of a water leak please notify Southern Water or post the details on the Emergency and Community Information for the Isle of Wight Facebook page.

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