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RSHD 2018 Poster
On Tuesday 16th October we are celebrating with the rest of the world, will you be joining us?
15 October 2018

This year to mark World Restart a Heart Day (RSHD) we are aiming to teach 1000 people how to save a life by offering free interactive CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation) training sessions across the Island.

Sadly we see first-hand the devastation that is caused when Cardiac Arrest strikes. Cardiac Arrest is when someone becomes unconscious and stops breathing normally, their heart can no longer pump oxygenated blood around their body.  By taking just a few minutes out of your day we could teach you how to recognise a cardiac arrest and perform CPR which one day could help to save a life.

Maggie Oldham, Chief Executive said “Sadly, we know in the UK, that survival rates for out of hospital cardiac arrests are far too low but by equipping our community with the skills to respond in an emergency situation, that can change. It is vital that everyone has the confidence and skills to step forward when it matters most because without immediate CPR intervention the chances are that the person may not survive.  This is why our dedicated team is opening doors across the island as part of World Restart a Heart Day to embed lifesaving knowledge in as many people as possible, in just one day.  I urge you to pop along to one of the sessions, whether it’s to brush up on your skills or learn from scratch because ultimately, it means you could save a life.  I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our staff who are giving their valuable time to this event”.

Victoria White, Head of Ambulance Service added “Undertaking a lifesaving procedure such as CPR is performed by many non-health care professionals because you are more likely to have a cardiac arrest out of the hospital environment.  You never know when you may find yourself or a member of your family in a situation which requires CPR or when you may need to perform CPR yourself.  We are thrilled that the IOW NHS Trust Ambulance Training and Community Response Services (ATCoRS) has organised such an important event for the Island, so please come along to this year’s World Restart a Heart Day CPR training sessions and learn how you can make a difference”.

Visit https://www.isleofwightambulance.co.uk/blog/ for the locations and further information about the free training sessions being held this Tuesday 16th October.

This year’s RSHD IW NHS Trust Ambulance Service CPR training sessions, would not be possible without the following generosity and kindness: The Isle of Wight Fire Rescue Service for providing eight fire stations as venues for teaching. The IW NHS Trust Volunteer Community First Responders supporting the RSHD Tutors. Colleagues from the IW NHS Trust, NHS Pathways, Mountbatten Hospice and the Co-Responder scheme for helping to facilitate the training sessions.

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