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The Isle of Wight Occupational Health and Travel Clinic is able to provide a variety of services to all types of business. 

By having an active Service Level Agreement (SLA) we can ensure that any needs a business may have can be met with the support required to keep healthy.

Our SLA options offer a structured approach to the services we provide and adds weight to a company adhering to their best practice policies, HR policies and Health and Safety Executive (HSE) legal requirements.

Our SLA’s provide a way to access a range of key services and benefits such as

  • Sickness absence referrals
  • Immunisations and tests
  • Sharps and contamination risk assessments
  • Health surveillance
  • Medicals for DVLA etc.
  • Phone advice during office hours
  • Annual reports highlighting trends
  • Annual face to face reviews
  • A local OH provider
  • Supporting your local NHS
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SLA Options

We offer 3 main types of SLA

  • GOLD

 We also offer a GOLD+ bespoke SLA.



Our BRONZE SLA is perfect for the self-employed individual or small (less than 10 employees) company looking to dip in/out of our services on an ad-hoc basis.

Not all our services are available with this SLA but the core ones such as Management Referrals, Hepatitis B vaccinations and small numbers of Health Surveillance appointments are available.

This SLA is valid for 1 year from the agreement date


£250 for 6 Months


£350 per annum

Our SILVER SLA offers an essential package for businesses looking to comply with any best practices they have in place, Human Resources policies they adhere to and HSE legislation.

It enhances some of the core services we provide by offering companies that require frequent appointments reductions in costs to our Management Referrals, New Employee Health Assessments Screenings and Influenza vaccinations. Other reductions and services are listed on the SLA itself but the major benefit to this SLA is Sharps and Contamination Risk Assessments.

We are no longer the default provider for sharps incidents in the workplace for GP; dentistry’s, residential homes and day care centres across the Isle of Wight. Some UK mainland based medical providers can assist with this; however, for example it will most likely only apply directly to GP’s and dentists with phone support. They are unlikely to offer and provide support for other health care workers and professionals at risk from incidents.

We will provide support for all employees at risk.

With this SLA your employees and workplace will have access to a dedicated Sharps emergency phone line within office hours and an OH professional that will reassure the individual at risk and offer them the most appropriate course of action.

In conjunction to Sharps and Contamination Risk Assessments, this SLA offers a reduction in cost for all employees attending our annual Hand Hygiene ‘Glitterbug’ training course where a certificate of completion will be provided to present in their portfolios.

Additionally the SILVER SLA offers special rates for Health Surveillance clinics that will include certain assessments and cover the whole day with one cost. The assessments required can be discussed and tailored to your business needs.

The cost of the SILVER SLA contributes to the dedicated phone and OH Professional support that we provide and to key elements in reducing the prices of our core services.

The annual cost covers a business with an SLA that is active between the 1st April and 31st March of the respected year.

This SLA can also be commissioned to run for periods of 6 months only, making it perfect for businesses exploring OH options to participate into a dedicated OH service in an interim phase. This option is valid from date of the agreement.



£550 Per annum


£800 Bi-annually

Our GOLD SLA takes all the benefits from our other SLA’s and expands on them to create a rich and comprehensive alternative.

All the key elements from the SILVER SLA are offered but with the extra tweaks that include FREE places on our annual Hand Hygiene ‘Glitterbug’ course and FREE, Prioritised appointment dates for referrals.

Access to OH qualified consultants in the south of the UK is limited and costly to procure. As an NHS core funded service we work tirelessly to secure the suitable resources needed to provide a service to the public and strive regardless of SLA type to ensure quick lead times are offered. However, with the GOLD SLA we benchmark this lead time for referrals against a strict set of targets created for the Isle of Wight NHS.  

Also included is the fantastic ‘Psychological Intervention through Stress and Resilience Seminar’ (Worth £200.00) delivered by our Mental Health Practitioner and reductions in costs to access individual appointments.

Other benefits are focused towards individual (MOT) health checks, night workers assessments and Hand Arm Vibration Support.

The GOLD SLA offers a feature packed range of additions to a first class service we strive to promote to all our clients. 

The SLA can be optioned for 1 year or 2 years validity but can be commissioned by a company to start at any time during the year. The bi-annual cost is invoiced as Year 1 = £400 + Year 2 £400



From £1000 per annum (depending on services and location)

This SLA takes all the benefits of the GOLDSLA and allows a business to build their own bespoke service level agreement with the dedicated support and advice from OH and the Isle of Wight NHS contracts team.

To discuss this SLA option then please contact or call 01983 822099 ext.4209 during office hours.


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