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Medical Assessments


 ** Please note due to COVID-19 and limited access to face to face appointments please refer to the DVLA website for recent updates - Please also refer to the HSE website for guidance with work related medical assessments ** 

We are able to provide a range of medicals covering all aspects of work and leisure criteria.

These include:

  • HGV/LGV/PSV (DVLA class 2, D4 medical form)
  • Taxi Driver Medicals
  • Boatman Medical & Screening (Please not we are unable to provide ENG1 Medicals)
  • Forklift Drivers Medical Assessment Group 1
  • Safety Critical Assessment (Please note we are unable to provide Oil and Gas Medical Assessments)
  • Working at Heights & Confined Spaces
  • Overseas Working

We are also able to carry out medicals that are more bespoke, however all paperwork/certificates required for completion must be provided by the individual or requesting company prior to any bookings arranged. This is to ensure that any aspects of the medical, such as blood tests and ECG assessments are factored in within appropriate timings

We experience a very high demand for appointments and cannot guarantee availability at short notice. Therefore we strongly advise any appointments for medical assessments are requested as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

 **The current information below applies only to Private Taxi and all DVLA Medicals**

  • Taxi Drivers (The form required for these is issued by the Isle of Wight Council Hackney carriage licensing department)
  • DVLA – Class 2, HGV, PSV and C1 (which includes ambulance drivers) (The form required for these is known as a D4. This can be downloaded from the DVLA website)
  1. The medical with OH (currently £160) must be paid in full at time of booking.
  2. Cancellations can be made up to two working days with a full refund – Cancellations made less than two working days are non-refundable
  3. If a client fails to attend or misses their appointment, a new appointment must be arranged and will be charged for
  4. Clients must provide the medical form for OH or the optician to complete
  5. If the client requires the use of glasses/contacts for driving

They must bring with them a valid (within 3 months) opticians’ prescription

They must also ensure they bring the glasses/contacts associated with this current prescription

The OH Doctor will test vision on the day of the assessment to ensure they meet the standards and in line with their current prescription. The OH Doctor will complete the vision section on the medical form in full.

 If the client does not meet the standards, they will be advised to organise an appointment with their opticians to receive the correct prescription. Once completed with the optician, they will need to make an additional follow up appointment (at no extra cost to OH) with the OH Doctor, who will then review the prescription and re-test to complete the medical form

If they cannot provide a prescription (within 3 months) then they are advised to make an optician’s appointment in the first instance where the optician will complete in full and sign the vision section of their medical form. Once this has been done, they can make an appointment with OH to complete the remaining sections of the form.

  1. IMPORTANT - Medical History – OH do not hold GP medical history / information or have access to GP records

If the client is currently restricted from driving and requires a medical to confirm they are ‘fit’ to return to driving they are advised to arrange the medical with their own GP and speak to the local licensing department or the DVLA.

In these cases OH are unable to undertake this medical as this will most certainly involve specialist requirements such as Exercise ECGs and other external inputs that OH are unable to refer to at this current time.

If the client is renewing their medical but require Exercise ECG’s as part of this medical, they are advised to arrange the medical with their own GP first and speak to the local licensing department or the DVLA.

  1. IMPORTANT – Exercise ECGs – During a medical with OH, should our doctor require an Exercise ECG then the client will be advised that they must arrange this with their own GP who in turn will arrange a suitable referral to either the Cardiology department at St Marys or elsewhere. They will also be advised to speak to the local licensing department or the DVLA.

In such cases OH will place this medical on hold until all the relevant information has been provided to our doctor. There will be no additional charge for the OH doctor to complete the medical form once all information is received.

The responsibility will remain with the client/applicant in providing relevent medical reports to OH during this 'hold' period


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