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* Your health when travelling *

If you are flying long haul this winter then you are at increased risk of being exposed to the flu virus, why not consider getting vaccinated against the flu to avoid spoiling your trip. The cost of this vaccination is minimal and if you imagine for every sneeze you encounter on your flight and travels potentially exposes you and others to the flu virus then 1 vaccination more than pays for itself. It protects you from others and protects others from you meaning the life you save may not just be your own

* Private Flu Vaccinations 2016/17 *

For the private individual that is not eligible to have this vaccine free with their GP, the Occupational Health & Travel Clinic is able to offer the Flu from October. Individuals can simply call 01983 534209 or email occupationalhealth@iow.nhs.uk to arrange a suitable and convenient time. This year's seasonal Flu vaccine costs only £9.00 and will not only protect the individual but also the risk of spreading it.

Flu vaccinations make sense for any organisation.They are proven to reduce absence so they more than pay for themselves in an average year. In addition, as part of your disaster recovery and pandemic contingency planning, they help protect against significant disruption to your organisation and your services. Influenza vaccination is also a popular staff benefit.

Businesses with a large workforce can have a OH Nurse visit their premises or they can arrange for the individual to attend the OH department at St Mary's hospital. To arrange a Flu appointment please call 01983 534209 or email occupationalhealth@iow.nhs.uk or for more information see NHS choices



 * Travel Vaccines * 

We can provide expert travel health advice on vaccinations, malaria and disease prevention for travellers on business trips and holidays.

A risk assessment is established depending on your itinerary and medical needs.

It is recommended that you check as soon as possible before travelling what your requirements are especially for long trips in remote and rural areas


 * Yellow Fever *

* Travel Vaccinations *




International Environmental Health & Safety Day (Jewsons Oct 2016) 


The Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce B2B Expo (Sept 2016) 

What a fantastic response to our new range of travel products on display at the Chamber expo. Water purification, Sun care and our (famous) stress balls were all received with great curiosity. It was also great for us to discuss all things travel health related. 

I've had mine, have you had yours?

In December 2015 we were asked to join the Isle of Wight Radio breakfast show live on air to administer the flu vaccination. Our OH Advisor Matt Mckeown spoke about the risks of contracting the flu and the benefits of prevention before 'jabbing' musician Mark King and presenter Paul Topping.


Isle of Wight College Working Well Together  (November 2016)


The Isle of Wight Health & Safety Group (2015)

The Isle of Wight Health & Safety Group celebrated their 40th year in aiding towards the prevention of workplace accidents. Our OH Advisor Matt McKeown was honoured being asked to present one of the awards to Steve Porter of the transport group. 


Isle of Wight College Working Well Together  (October 2014)

Our OH Adviser gives a presentation on general Occupational Health awareness to workers within the construction trade on behalf of the 'Working Well Together' and HSE meeting held within the Isle of Wight College. Our presence at this event produced some really positive feedback and it was great to team up with Kier Construction who were overseeing the event.

Click on the link below to view the videos from the event



Out of Hours

What a fantastic response to our first ever Travel clinic on a Saturday with everything booked up! The requests for us to offer some out of hour’s appointments recently have been in high demand, so to offer the choice of a Saturday has been great. Hopefully we will be able to offer more in the near future so watch this space! 


2014 Chamber of Commerce B2B Expo

In July 2014 the Occupational Health & Travel Clinic attended and displayed material at the Chamber of Commerce B2B Expo. With an aim to promote our commercial services to current and potential new clients, this networking event was a perfect opportunity for us to show of our newly designed business packs and display stands. Chamber Networking

 Social Media

You can now follow us on Facebook @IOWTravelHealth

Meet the Team

Our team comprises of Occupational Health Consultants, an OH Physician, OH Advisors, OH Nurses, Administrators, a Technician and Service Manager. Very rarely are we all able to be rounded up for a photo at the same time and this photo was taken prior to networking event with as many OH staff available.

Travel Accessories

A selection of travel accessories available to purchase at Occupational Health. From Pocket First Aid Kits to Mosquito Nets our Travel Nurse can advise you for the trip ahead. For more information please call 01983 534209 or email occupationalhealth@iow.nhs.uk




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