Breast Screening Unit

Routine breast screening appointments have been suspended during the Coronavirus outbreak.

We will start to reschedule appointments as soon as it is safe to do so.

We advise anyone with suspected breast cancer symptoms to contact their G.P.


The Breast Screening Unit is situated in a purpose built unit on the St. Mary's site but separate from the main hospital. We carry out all breast imaging and procedures on the Island.

Contact Us:

Direct telephone number 01983 534560
E mail address: 

Opening hours are 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays, although we sometimes run evening clinics).

You can be referred to the unit in the following ways:

  • Via the NHS Breast Screening Programme – you will be invited every 3 years when we call ladies in your G.P.’s practice.
  • Via a G.P. If you visit your G.P. with a breast problem, they will refer you to our combined breast clinic.
  • Follow up Imaging - for patients diagnosed with breast cancer during and after their treatment.
  • Family history screening.

Breast Screening
All women aged 50-71 are routinely called 3 yearly on the NHS Breast Screening Programme provided they are registered with a G.P. We are also involved in the Age Extension Trial, which randomly invites some the 47-49 and 71-73 age groups. Information on screening will be sent with the appointment letter.

Women with implants can be screened, but if you are called, it is important to let us know beforehand so that we can send you some extra information.

Breast screening second stage (assessment clinic)
This clinic is for women who have recently been screened and have been called back for further imaging. Refer to related pages- Breast screening assessment clinic patient leaflet.

Symptomatic clinics
This is a clinic where we image women and men with breast symptoms who have been referred to us from their General Practitioner (GP). Refer to related pages -Breast clinic appointment following referral from your GP

We have a dedicated team of breast consultants and specialist radiographers who carry out the following procedures; 

  • Mammograms (X-Rays of the breast)
  • Ultrasound of the Breast
  • Biopsies of the Breast
  • Marking of Breast lesions prior to surgery.

You may have only one or any combination of the above procedures when you attend.

We work closely with the Breast Care Nurses and the breast surgeons and run combined clinics for patients with all types of breast problems. 

Please see Frequently Asked Questions for further information.

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