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OHPiT (Out-Patient and Home Parenteral Infusion Service)

OHPiT (Out-Patient and Home Parenteral Infusion Therapy) is a service that provides intravenous therapy (IV) for patients referred from either the hospital or from a General Practitioner (GP) in the community.

Intravenous therapy refers to medication that is given directly into the vein, and this type of treatment is generally given to patients in hospital but in specific circumstances can be given safely in an out-patient clinic or at home. 

If you are going to receive OHPiT, then a nurse will give you the medication either in the OHPiT infusion clinic or in your own home. You, or a family member / friend may also be able to be taught how to administer the medication yourselves. If this is the administration method that suits yourself and your Consultant / Doctor, a nurse will still visit you on a daily basis to ensure everything is going as planned.


Patients who could benefit from OHPiT are referred to the service by either a hospital Consultant or a GP. If it is the hospital Consultant making the referral, it means that you are possibly ready to go home but still need further IV treatment. If it is a GP that is making the referral, then it means that you possibly require IV treatment but do not need admitting into hospital. On both occasions an OHPiT nurse will meet with you to assess you and see whether you are eligible for this service. The assessment is to ensure that the OHPiT service is a safe option for you. The OHPiT process will be fully explained to you and you can decide along with your Consultant / Doctor whether it is something you are both happy to consider.

Each OHPiT patient receives a service that best suits their needs. Most patients are either visited in their own home by a nurse, or attend the OHPiT infusion clinic on a daily basis. But there may be the option for you or a family member/friend to be taught how to administer the medication yourself. If this option is decided upon, then the teaching and assessment will take place either in the hospital ward that you are on or in the OHPiT infusion clinic. For all patients that take this option, they are usually still visited daily by a member of the OHPiT team, to ensure any problems that may occur are managed appropriately.

These options will be discussed with you and you will decide which treatment plan best suits your needs. If the option is to receive the treatment in your own home, all medication and supplies will be delivered to your house by an OHPiT nurse. The OHPiT nurses re-stock and assess patients weekly, normally in our OHPiT infusion clinic (Mondays), and a time will be given to you when to attend.


Contact Details:

If you have any questions or concerns regarding OHPiT, please contact either the OHPiT Nurse Specialist or an OHPiT nurse on:
01983 552537 Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm alternatively you can contact the OHPiT nurse on duty (8am to 6pm) 7 days a week on 07717652513.

The OHPiT clinic is located on Level C at St Marys Hospital.

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