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Blood tests

Our outpatient blood testing service has now moved. If you need to visit the department please go to the North Hospital entrance and turn left through the double doors. 
Map showing the new location of blood testing service location at the North Hospital

The Phlebotomy Service (blood testing) on the Isle of Wight has changed to help provide patients with timely and safe access to blood tests.

GP requested blood tests

For adults and children over 12 years old, GP requested blood tests are now being carried out at all GP practices on the Island, bringing the service closer to home and reducing the need to travel.

If your GP or nurse wants you to have a blood test, please contact your GP practice to arrange or book an appointment. This includes blood tests such as: 

  • Routine - GP requested blood tests
  • Urgent - GP requested blood tests
  • Fasting - GP requested blood tests
  • Annual routine blood tests - GP requested blood tests
  • Before attending your first hospital outpatient appointment where it has been requested by the hospital consultant via your GP or regular blood test monitoring agreed with your GP after being discharged from the hospital
  • Any existing arrangement or agreed blood test request with the GP and local or mainland hospitals for individualised care

There are times when a GP will still refer patients to the hospital Outpatient Phlebotomy Clinic (for example, due to difficulty taking blood or the specific blood test form is not available for the GP or nurse to request it), therefore a service will be open for this Monday to Friday from 1pm to 4pm. Your GP practice will print out and give you a pathology/blood form before you can attend the clinic and will state the reason on the form for attending the clinic. Blood forms cannot be emailed, you will need to pick up the form from your surgery.

Blood tests for children aged 12 and under

For GP requested blood tests or those ordered by the Paediatric Department, children aged 12 and under, should continue to attend the Paediatric Department at St Mary's Hospital for their blood test. This is located on level C. The closest entrance is the North entrance and the closest parking is the North Car Park.

Hospital requested blood tests

All blood tests ordered by consultants, a nurse, or any hospital medical staff will continue to take place at the Outpatients Phlebotomy Clinic at St Mary’s Hospital (unless agreed with your GP that you can access the blood test at your GP practice). This also includes any pre-assessment or blood tests ordered by a mainland hospital or independent sector provider, that is needed prior to a planned operation or treatment. 

The Outpatients Phlebotomy Clinic operates as a 'walk-in service' and is open Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 4pm* and is located on level B at St Mary’s Hospital. *on the 1st Wednesday of every month, the walk-in service opens at 8.30am. Please note that the Outpatients Phlebotomy Clinic is currently closed on weekends and bank holidays.

If you happen to have a blood test requested by your GP at the same time as attending the hospital (also for a blood test but unrelated condition), we will be happy to attend to you (with the correct blood test request form completed by your GP), to avoid having to be bled twice or needing to attend both the GP practice and hospital for a blood test.

Contact us

Our Phlebotomy Reception is open Monday to Friday from 7.45am to 4pm and can be contacted on: (01983) 534768. Please note that the Outpatients Phlebotomy Clinic is currently closed on weekends and bank holidays.

Please note, the Phlebotomy service at the Ryde Health and Wellbeing Centre remains closed.

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