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Attend Anywhere / Video Calls


Health and care organisations across the Island have started to offer appointments by telephone or video, as an alternative to travelling to a healthcare or other site for your appointment. The NHS Trust, and a number of local organisations are using Attend Anywhere for video consultations. You may be offered a choice of a face to face appointment, a video consultation, or a telephone call for your next appointment, depending on the service you require.

What is Attend Anywhere?

Attend Anywhere is a simple to use, secure online system designed for healthcare. It is widely used across NHS Scotland to improve communication and make patient travel optional, with many people being able to talk to their healthcare professional from home, work or another location using their smartphone or webcam.

How could video consultations help me?

On the Isle of Wight, this way of working could offer you more flexibility and choice, save travel time to appointments by taking part from home or work, and even allow family members in another location to join you for support during your appointment.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, the use of video helped many staff and patients stay safe, allowing people to keep in touch with their healthcare and support teams in a new way during a period of social distancing restrictions.

Find out howour Community Heart Failure nurses have been using this technology to support some of the island's most vulnerable.

In the future, use of video could help reduce trips to the mainland for follow up outpatient appointments, improve communication between community teams, GPs and care homes, and reduce patient and staff travel where clinically appropriate. 

Can I try the system to see how it works?

If you have been offered an appointment by video and would like to try Attend Anywhere before your appointment or consultation, we are now offering test calls so you can try the system.

Click the button below at any of the following times to take part in a test video call with one of our Technology Enabled Care Team:

10:00 – 11:30 & 14:00 – 15:30, Monday to Friday (not Bank Holidays).

The link will take you to a virtual waiting area where you can click on the ‘Start video call’ button.

Please note that the button below and the waiting area will state ‘Service closed’ outside of the listed opening hours. Please follow the link again during the hours listed in order to access the Test Call Area. Thank you.

The system asks you to follow four steps to test your connection speed, microphone, camera and speakers. You then enter your first and last name, date of birth and telephone number (please note: none of this information is stored after the call) and click again to start the call. The TEC team can check your sound and picture quality and show you how a video call works so you are confident and ready to take part in your video consultation when it happens.

What do I need for a video call?

You will need a quiet, well lit area to take part in the call, and a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone with:

  • Google Chrome or Apple Safari as your web browser
  • A camera/webcam, microphone and speakers
  • A good internet connection (via a wired or wireless network, or via mobile data/4G)

Attend Anywhere is designed to be simple - if you already use Skype, Face Time or Zoom you should be able to use Attend Anywhere on the same device. No account, login or password is required, and the waiting area is private so you will not see any other people waiting.

If you don’t have a video appointment coming up, but you’re interested in seeing how Attend Anywhere works, you can also use the test call facility to try it out, no appointment necessary!

Further information:

Attending your appointment by video Patient information leaflet.

NHS England Attend Anywhere website.

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