What does Physiotherapy treatment involve?

Physiotherapists use their expert knowledge of anatomy and physiology, to identify problems with how the body moves or functions. The Physiotherapist will then be able to suggest the most appropriate management approach to address the problem(s) identified. For musculoskeletal problems this will often involve therapeutic exercise programs, posture re-training, and treatments to reduce inflammation due to injury/over-use.

What problems can Paediatric Physiotherapy help with?

Please follow the link to see the conditions we treat. 

What should my child wear to their appointments?

If the problem is in the lower back or legs, it is helpful to bring along shorts or for your child to wear loose trousers, for physiotherapy appointments. If the problem is in the upper back, shoulders, arms or neck, the Physiotherapist may need your child to remove their shirt/t-shirt, and it is helpful for older girls to wear a vest or sports bra.

How many times will my child be seen?

This will vary depending on their diagnosis. It may only be once or once a week or termly. This will be decided and discussed with you following your child's initial appointment.

What if I miss my child's appointment or need to cancel?

If you do not attend your first appointment you will be sent a "missed appointment letter" which includes a rescheduled appointment. If you do not attend this subsequent appointment you will be discharged from our service and will require a new referral to access our service again. If you need to cancel an appointment please call us at the earliest possible opportunity on 01983 525430 (monitored voice mail), this will allow us to offer the appointment slot to another child.

What if I am late for my child's appointment?

Please call us at the earliest possible opportunity, on 01983 525430 (monitored voice mail) to inform us that you will be late for your appointment. If you are more than 20 minutes late your appointment may need to be rescheduled or the Physiotherapist may begin your child's assessment and finalise it at a later date. The decision is at the discretion of the Physiotherapist.




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