"Lovely friendly lady"

"Thorough exam, excellent communication with parent and patient."

"Polite, caring, amazing work has been done with my little girl"

"They are friendly. Thank you."

"Really attentive and detailed. Helen is really helpful and keeps Micah engaged."

"Two physio's were good. You work with children all the time and are good at talking and explaining. Really good listeners! Be good if physio could refer to X-ray direct."

"Member of staff is polite caring, amazing work has been done with my little girl, staff always respectful and well spoken. Marie-Ann is incredible."

"Welcoming and friendly approach. Made my daughter and myself feel at ease and able to ask questions. Plenty of information and advice given."

"Whole appointment was brilliant."

"Explained everything well and age appropriately for daughter to understand."

"Really good creating a bond for my child."

"Great, lovely staff and very understandable."

"The lady really listened to my concerns and spoke to my little one appropriately and kept him engaged despite him having autism."

"Support us through the difficult times and phases where we are unsure of how to manage physical difficulties."

"Very good with Ruby, helping her to understand her exercise and the importance of it."

"Keeping my son entertained so he concentrated and wasn't bored."

"Explained treatment well and was good with child."

"She expalined what she was checking for very well."

"Very helpful, very pleased with appointment."

"Brilliant with my child."

"Showing exercises and knowledgeable."

"Very pleased with how much Joey has come along since all of his appointments."

"Well informed, parents voice heard."

"Everything was perfect and communication with my son was impressive."

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