Emergency Department

The Emergency Department is the only one on the Island and is responsible for the reception, triage, assessment and treatment of patients of all ages presenting with emergency health problems. It provides the initial care for all patients conveyed by 999 ambulance and patients who self present to the department. It is also a designated Trauma Unit and feeds into the Regional Trauma Centre in Southampton.

A&E Department

The focus of our care is patient centred care that is delivered by the right people, in the right place at the right time. Approximately 48,000 patients are treated in the department each year with a large increase in activity during the summer months. All patients are cared for at St. Mary's Hospital but those with major head injuries or vascular surgery requirements, for example, are stabilised and transferred to the mainland. 

Facilities in the department are divided between an 11-bed minors area, an 8-bedded majors area, with remote telemetry to each bed, and a 2 bedded resuscitation room. The consultants undertake a daily clinic.

The department is located alongside the Urgent Care Service, working with the department to ensure patients are seen by the appropriate healthcare professional.  Generally, you should go to the Emergency Department only in emergencies such as loss of consciousness, a very serious state of confusion, persistent severe chest pain or breathing difficulties.

A&E Department at St.Mary's

The Island plays host to several major music and sailing events throughout the year.  The department provides a field hospital on site at these music events to reduce the pressure on the Emergency Department.

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