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We aim to offer support and guidance to help families with the following aspects of child development and emotional well being

school nurse information

The Isle of Wight School Nursing team receive health records from Health Visitors to enable them to continue to perform health checks and offer support to children and their families throughout their school years.

As a service we aim to offer professional advice and guidance on different aspects of your child's development and emotional well being and support the child and family through their school years.

During reception year, we offer each child a vision, hearing and growth review, and refer to specialist clinics should your child require further interventions. 

We are also commissioned to undertake the 'National child measurement programme' for children in reception and year 6.

"School Nurses act as a link between you and other people and can make health services easier to reach" 

                               SERVICES WE OFFER                           

  • Health checks and screening surveillance
  • Multi-agency working
  • P.S.H.E teaching sessions delivered in school
  • Drop in clinics / Home Visits
  • Referrals to specialists / other agencies
  • One to one support and professional advice
  • HPV Immunisations in school
  • Elective 'Home Education' nurses

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Would your child like to be a sugar detective?

Click on the picture below to find more about sugar allowance and how to download the
FREE Change 4 Life Sugar Smart app


As a Public Health service, we aim to develop ideas to empower children to overcome problems they face during childhood like the "Poo Power Bags" created by Victoria Bamford, which improve the lives of children suffering from a common childhood problem - constipation.

We can offer support for constipation, but for more information you can also visit:

poo bags

We all know it is important to look after our health and there are small changes we can make each day to improve it.

For information, support and top tips on how to improve your child's health and development

Please click on the picture below to access the

'Change 4 Life' website

change 4 life

The Island schools have been separated into 3 localities

A locality map is available to view at the bottom of this page

Each of the localities consists of a team of school nurses and support workers



As health care professionals we provide a confidential service to children and their families. However, as safeguarding the children is our main priority, if we feel concerned for the safety of a child, we will share information regarding our concerns to other agencies involved in their care. Where possible we will aim to discuss this with you before sharing any information on.

If you feel concerned about a child - please contact HANTS safeguarding team on 0300 555 1384 

Or report your concerns anonymously online using the NSPCC form by clicking here

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