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We are keen to get feedback from anyone who uses our service and all feedback is regularly and routinely monitored so that we can continue to improve our service.

We collect feedback through a questionnaire provided to you after your initial assessment and at the end of your treatment. In addition to this form, we welcome and feedback whether this be by phone, letter or email.

If you have any specific feedback or would like to make a suggestion as to how we could improve, please let us know by one of the following:


Telephone: 01983 532860

or post to:

The Gables
Halberry Lane
PO30 2ER

We are pleased to share some very positive feedback below from several of our clients:

Soon to be 002

“I believe in myself because of my therapist and have so much confidence. He was just brilliant, he dealt with every situation I gave him. At the beginning of my treatment I felt like a rag doll that had been pulled around and torn apart. At the end of my sessions I felt completely whole again.”

“My therapist was amazing, she’s done a brilliant job for both me and my partner, and she’s changed our lives.”

 “I take more time to think things through, and I am generally much calmer. I get out more I make more effort; a lot of my therapist’s suggestions have helped me a lot. Please pass on how much I appreciate her, and how much she’s helped me, and tell her I said thank you, she went above and beyond.”

“I can’t fault the treatment I’ve had. I have suffered with my MH for 10 years, and between my therapists, they have helped me to gain every bit of confidence, and changed my life around. I have had support from other MH services before but nothing compares to the Gables, they have done more for me than any other team. Thanks to my therapists i now know my triggers, I have my game plans all set out, I couldn’t go out before but now I’m out sometimes 3 times a day. My therapists really understand people and their struggles, they are very empathic and went above and beyond to help me.”

“My therapist was fantastic, she was incredibly caring and understanding and really  took the time to listen to my problems and guided me in the right direction rather than just telling me what I needed to do. She has helped me to better understand my illness and how to work with it rather than fight against it. My therapist taught me it’s better to work with it and to do that I need to understand it. She has taught me to achieve better and has improved my life as a whole. I couldn’t fault her and her skills.”

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