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TA Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy

Transactional Analysis is a model that will assist you in understanding the relationship you have with yourself and with the people around you. It will increase your understanding and awareness of how you interact with yourself and the significant people in your life, and how this contributes to reinforcing what you believe/have decided about yourself. It will help in discovering why you find yourself in the same types of relationships or relationships that have a similar pattern.

Answering the question you may have asked yourself, why does this always happen to me? It will also assist you in understanding how your past experiences have informed the choices the choices and decisions you have made, that appeared at the time, to be the best choices or decision but would soon end in a predictable, familiar place (such as not being appreciated, alone, hurt, in a failed or unhealthy relationship, abused, rejected, etc.).

 Most importantly it offers an opportunity to make changes today that will impact on how you live the rest of your life.

We cannot change the people and circumstances around us but we can change how we interact with ourselves and the people around us and this will significantly impact on how you feel about yourself, the relationships you have and your future.

The basic philosophy of TA is that we are all fundamentally OK, acceptance just as we are, decisions we have made can be changed and we all have the resources and ability to make these changes if we choose.

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