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Current waiting times (average) Emergency Dept. (A&E): 111 minutes Emergency Dept. (children): 78 minutes Learn more about our waiting times

New Integrated Service

The new service will …….

…..provide a single point of contact (SPOC) to ANYONE who needs to access the service.   Telephone number 526654

…..will consist of one main base and 6 community bases where people can access the service when required.

…..prevent problematic substance misuse and dependency.

… service user’s in stopping the use of illicit, non-prescribed drugs and alcohol.

… and enable service users to become free from sub-stance dependency and sustain long term recovery.

…..provide a non-judgemental service which treats service users with dignity and respect.

…..will provide acupuncture and workshops to assist in recovery and structured day programmes.

… to work more closely with families to provide them with support and to include them in the recovery of those they care for (subject to consent).

…..reduce the risks of sub-stance misuse related to serious incidents including fatalities.

…..Include volunteers who have achieved their own recovery as inspiration for those currently in treatment to also achieve their own recovery.

…..include young peoples services which will be provided at a range of venues and include group work, 1-1’s and advice and information.

…..offer personalised treatment for those using drugs and/or alcohol to move towards total recovery.

…..will be closely integrated with other local services and support networks for adults and children.

… service user’s to improve their personal, social, family functioning and general mental health.

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