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Hi-Intensity CBT

Hi-Intensity Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a psychological treatment. It is one of the most effective treatments for a number of common mental health problems. Hi-Intensity sessions are weekly; for 50-60 minutes each week; the total number of sessions will vary depending on progress and will be agreed individually with your therapist.

CBT can help you to get an understanding of your problems and what keeps them going, learn new ways of looking at them, and gain new skills to change and overcome these problems. It works by helping you to identify and change the patterns of thinking and unhelpful behaviours behind your difficulties in order to change how you feel. This may involve some discussion over past events that have influenced the way you think about your problems.

CBT is not a quick fix miracle cure, it can be hard work. Progress in CBT requires your commitment. It isn’t just about talking, you will also be asked to test out ideas, try out skills and write out records. A vital part of CBT is putting what you have learnt into practice between sessions.

It is hoped that by the end of the treatment you will have learnt to become your own therapist so you can practice the CBT skills learnt, making it less likely that your problems will return. If problems do arise, your skills should make it easier for you to manage them. So, it is important to keep practicing you CBT skills, even after you are feeling better.

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