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Isle Talk

Please call our crisis line: 01983 522214  

Who is Isle Talk (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies)?

We are a team of trained psychological practitioners and therapists offering a wide range of skills to help those experiencing common mental health problems. We offer a variety of different therapy options with flexible appointment times. The problems we can help with include:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Health anxiety
  • Post-traumatic stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Panic
  • Social Anxiety

(This list is not exhaustive)

Our service is free to use and funded through the NHS. We provide support to people who are over the age of 16 and living on the Isle Of Wight.

We are a team of Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners and High Intensity Therapists, all practitioners have undergone additional training in psychological therapies and come from a variety of backgrounds including Nursing, Psychology, Counselling, Occupational Therapy, Social Work and the Police.

Where are we based and when are we open?

Isle Talk – IAPT are based at The Gables, Halberry Lane, Newport. Due to current Covid-19 limitations we are offering all appointments via telephone, or through an online video platform.

For more about our online video platform (Attend Anywhere) please visit:

We offer a range of courses, including the following: 


Managing Anxiety- Dealing with Worry Workshop:

Do you worry daily about anything and everything or find it hard to stop or control your worries? This workshop is a four-session course designed for those who regularly feel overwhelmed by anxiety and worry and is focused on providing you with knowledge and skills to manage worry and relaxation skills. 

The workshop runs up to an hour, weekly, for 4 consecutive sessions. If you are interested in joining this workshop, then please get in touch by telephone: 01983 532860 to discuss this with a member of the Isle Talk IAPT team.

Stress Control Workshop:

This course will educate you about anxiety, depression and stress and teach you the tools and life skills to manage and reduce your levels of stress, over six sessions on a weekly basis.

Sessions last up to an hour and deal with a different aspect of stress management, each week building on the last, until, like a jigsaw puzzle you have the big picture.

If you are interested in joining this workshop, then please get in touch by telephone: 01983 532860 to discuss this with a member of the Isle Talk IAPT team.

Our opening hours are:

Monday and Wednesday:              9am to 7pm

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday:     9am to 5pm

The Gables building
Soon to be 002

What about confidentiality and record keeping?

We offer a confidential service in line with Data Protection. All information about your care is stored electronically on a secure system called IAPTus, information is shared routinely with GP’s. 

If you have any concerns about confidentiality and record keeping please discuss with your practitioner who will to answer any questions.

If your Practitioner refers you directly to another service within the Health Trust, we will complete a referral on your behalf.

Information collected from service users throughout their treatment with IAPT is stored on an IAPTus system, this enables us to send reports to NHS Digital, to ensure we are working effectively and helps the Department of Health monitor standards of care. All patient names and personal details are automatically removed when the data is centrally reported in the accordance with the Data Protection Act.

Although our service is on the Isle of Wight and there is a small possibility you may know some of our staff members, we still offer a highly professional service and adhere to confidentiality. But if you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01983 532860.

How do I access the service?

At Isle-Talk IAPT, we are a self-referral service. This means you can contact us yourself if you would like an appointment.

We do also accept written referrals from other agencies (including your GP), as we understand the first phone call to make an appointment can cause anxiety, and are keen this doesn’t stop anyone accessing our service. If you are a professional wanting to refer someone, please call the number below to discuss how to do this.

To get yourself registered and book an appointment call 01983 532860.

What happens once I am registered?

At the point of registration, you will be offered an appointment. You will be offered our first available appointment, if this is inconvenient we will endeavour to find an alternative appointment that is better suited to your availability. This appointment will be with a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner (PWP) for an assessment of your mental health needs, they will then discuss options with you that are suitable to the problems you wish to overcome. This usually lasts for approximately 45 minutes.

All of our treatments require commitment to work together with your therapist to lead to change in your life. Homework tasks are common to help the therapy process advance.

We also offer effective computer based treatments to meet your needs, this includes an instant messaging service, and an online programs of guided self-help.

We will ask you to fill out questionnaires before your appointments as these help us understand what is going on for you, and how things change between sessions. This will usually be by an email but can send hard copies by post if easier, we ask for it to be filled out at least 1 hour prior to your appointment. Your answers will help us decide what journey is best for you.

Keeping you safe          

Isle Talk – IAPT provide psychological support for people suffering from mild to moderate mental health difficulties. We are not able to provide an emergency service. If you believe that there are significant risks to you or another person’s safety then please call the local Single Point of Access Team on 01983 522214 (this is open 24/7, seven days a week).

All Practitioners within the team have a legal duty to keep you safe, this means should at any point during assessment/ sessions a serious risk to yourself or someone else be revealed, your Practitioner is required to share this information with other agencies (e.g. your GP). This sharing of information will be discussed with you fully. This is to help keep you and others safe.


We are committed to providing reasonable adjustments where required. If you require assistance with reading or writing please inform your practitioner, we use a variety of resources that include easy read and large print. We also have the ability to book an interpreter or BSL (British Sign Language) for you, should you require one. You will be asked at registration if you require any adjustments to be made for your appointments.

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