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Within Learning Disabilities there are two distinct eligibility criteria depending on which part of the service is required.

Eligibility criteria for the specialist health component of the service: 

  1. A significantly reduced ability to understand new or complex information, to learn new skills (impaired intelligence), IQ below 70, with 
  2. A reduced ability to cope independently (impaired social functioning)
  3. Which started before adulthood (18 years of age)
  4. Registered with a Isle of Wight CCG – GP and resides locally

  Eligibility criteria for the social care component of the service:

  1. Individuals who meet the Continuing Care requirements
  2. Individuals who have been placed in a mainland facility due to needs which cannot be met locally
  3. Individuals who meet the Department of Health’s Fair Access to Care Services (FACS)
  4. People as having critical or substantial risk to their independence will be eligible for help to access social services support

The team operates an integrated service with the local authority and its mission is to:-

‘Support, enable and empower people with learning disabilities to become active citizens, by living socially valued and inclusive lives and to help people be accepted and respected for who they are’

This is achieved through:-

  • A facilitative model of support
  • Improving access to mainstream services
  • Maintain and enhancing the health and wellbeing of people
  • Reducing health inequalities experienced
  • Providing specialist help, advice and clinical support to people
  • Working with individuals, families and carers

The team is multidisciplinary and consists of the following professionals:-

  • Care Co-ordinator
  • Community learning disability nursing
  • Hospital LD Liaison Nurse
  • Support workers
  • Physiotherapy (for people with profound and severe learning disabilities)
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Psychiatry
  • Psychology
  • Speech and Language Therapy   

The work of the team falls into the following main areas:


  • Support for people with learning disabilities to lead healthy lifestyles
  • Screening and early intervention designed to prevent the need for unplanned health or other services (including hospital admissions)
  • Provide training (including bespoke) for families, statutory and 3rd sector organisations on supporting people with learning disabilities  

Assessments and Interventions:  

  • Person-centred assessments including  continuing health care assessments
  • Mental health and psychological assessments and interventions
  • Specialist nursing, physiotherapy, OT and speech and language therapy assessments and interventions relating to learning disabilities
  • Assessment and interventions for people with behaviours that challenge

Case Coordination:

  • Develop, monitor and review of personalised support plans and care packages
  • Preparation of information for continuing care panels and MH tribunals
  • Liaison with statutory and 3rd sector organisations

Family and Carer support:

  • To provide active advice to families and carers in support of people with learning disabilities as equal partners.

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