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Outpatient Pain Clinics

Welcome to the Outpatient Pain Clinic pages.

Chronic Pain Medicine is a clinical subspecialty in itself, recognising the frequency and complexity of persisting long term pain with its impact on many areas of life. Having to live with long lasting pain comes with a variety of serious challenges and threats for affected people well beyond the immediate pain sensation itself. Most people in pain…

  • struggle with mood changes such as anger, frustration, resignation, depression
  • face problems arising from restricted mobility
  • cannot go out and enjoying meeting friends and other people as they did in the past
  • face threats to their jobs and careers
  • worry about the future and how their pain problem will develop
  • are anxious to understand why they are in pain and how to deal with it

To address these problems, the Isle of Wight Pain Clinic has a team of experienced clinicians specialising in Pain Medicine to assess patients comprehensively and provide a variety of treatments, advice and support.

For every patient referred to us we look at:

  • causes of pain, taking into account previous investigations (we will not investigate further). In particular, we will try to make sense of why there is persistent pain and what can be done about it
  • relieve pain as much as and for as long as possible. We cannot provide a cure, but have a variety of treatments to reduce pain and improve distress and quality of life
  • the impact long term pain has on all aspects of life and work with patients to minimise pain related restrictions, improve mood, coping and self management in the longer term


Options in Primary Care

Many initial steps to control pain, pain-related suffering and restrictions can be started in Primary Care. General Practitioners have a wealth of knowledge and have received advice from the Pain Clinic how to manage long term pain in the community.

Patients who despite this continue to struggle and suffer intensely can be referred to the Pain Clinic at St. Mary’s Hospital. Only GPs can refer patients to us. They sometimes do this on advice of specialist doctors; before actually referring your GP will make sure that adequate steps to relieve pain have been carried out in Primary Care.

Please remember that treatments will take time. As pain will have built up for longer periods, a quick improvement is very unlikely. Successful management in Primary Care can make a referral unnecessary.


If you have been referred to the Pain Clinic…

...we will need as much information about previous investigations and treatments as possible. We also need to know details of your pain and pain related problems. For this, you will be handed a rather lengthy questionnaire. This information is required to book you to the most suitable assessment clinic – we have different clinics for different needs – and tailor treatment packages to your situation. Please do complete all questions and hand the completed questionnaire back to your GP as soon as possible to avoid delays. While many patients understandably assume that we do we actually don’t have access to all your health records and therefore rely on additional information.


Waiting times

We work towards seeing patients within 8-12 weeks after receiving a complete referral set (which includes your questionnaire). We do not always succeed to adhere to this particularly during periods of peak demand, for which we apologise.


Your first appointment

You will receive a postal appointment letter as soon as your appointment is booked. Most clinics are held in St. Mary’s Hospital (Outpatients, Fracture Clinic or Day Surgery), and some in Ryde.

Pain Clinic appointments allow more time than usual to assess, listen to you and agree treatments how to get better. Therefore our clinics sometimes run rather late, and we hope that you will understand this. We suggest that you allow plenty of time for your first appointment (at least 30-40 minutes).

Please feel free to bring a friend or relative with you to the clinic. It is a good idea to think about questions and concerns in advance and to write them down and bring them with you to discuss.

Important: If for any reason you cannot keep an appointment please do let us know as soon as possible so that other patients waiting to be seen can be appointed.


Contact us:

Telephone: (01983) 534722

Fax. (01983) 534720

Email: painclinic@iow.nhs.uk

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