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Joint School (Hip & Knee)

Joint School is a service specifically for people who are about to undergo a hip or knee replacement. It focuses on patient education and lets you know what to expect through the various steps you will experience, from preparing for admission through to recovery at home.

You should have been provided with an appointment for Joint School when you were placed on the waiting list for your operation. If you were not, please contact the Pre-Assessment Department on 01983 552210. We will be able to provide you with an appointment that is convenient for you. 

Joint School takes place at St Mary´s Hospital on Monday mornings bi-weekly. It is a group session comprising of up to 12 patients. This lasts approximately 1 ½ hours and will give you information about:

  • The operation and recovery process
  • Anaesthetic options
  • Your admission to hospital (including the location of the wards, visiting hours and what to bring with you)
  • How long you are expected to stay in hospital
  • Exercises to aid your rehabilitation
  • Equipment you may require to assist your recovery and how this is obtained
  • Any specific preparations you may need to make at home in readiness for discharge (such as taking up loose rugs to reduce the risk of trips and falls).

We appreciate that the prospect of a joint replacement can be daunting but we hope that by providing you with relevant information prior to admission we can help to allay some of your anxieties. Providing you with this information will help to ensure that you have realistic expectations and are central to your recovery process by helping you to participate fully in your rehabilitation.

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