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Fracture Clinic

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Fracture Clinic

Fracture Clinics

The fracture clinic is located on the ground floor of St Mary’s near the main entrance. Please report to the receptionist when you arrive.

Fracture clinics can often be very busy especially during the summer. Patients with injuries need to have their treatments at set times so the clinic can never be full, we won’t delay the removal of a cast because we are busy.

Preparing for you Fracture Clinic appointment.

Please make sure you have taken any prescribed pain relief before you come. You may have to sit and wait, and we don’t want you to be in pain.

If you were injured on the mainland or abroad please bring any copies of notes of x-rays that were supplied to you.


You should not drive or ride a motorbike if you are in cast or splint unless this has already been agreed by your insurance company and Doctor. Once you are out of cast the consultant may advise about when you can return to driving, but you still need to check that your insurers are happy.

Crutches and walking aids

Please return all crutches and walking aids to one of the following places when you have finished with them. They are expensive and we service and reuse them for other patients.

  • Fracture Clinic
  • Emergency Department reception.
  • Integrated Community Equipment Store, 19 Barry Way, Newport Business Park, Newport. ph. 528334

Plaster Room

The Plaster Room is where casts splints and dressings are changed and minor procedures are carried out. The staff are specially trained in casting techniques.

Cast Care.

General Instructions,

  • Don’t get your cast wet
  • Don’t stick anything inside your cast, such as knitting needles or pens
  • Exercise all the joints not included in the cast, especially fingers and toes
  • Keep the limb elevated and supported as much as possible, and don’t rest it on hard ridged surfaces
  • Don’t put direct heat sources on your cast such as hot water bottles, and don’t rest the limb too close to a fire or radiator.
  • Do not attempt to remove or repair the cast yourself.

If any of the following signs occur, please call NHS 111 or Monday - Friday 9am -1pm phone the Fracture Clinic on 01983 822099 x4655

  • Fingers or toes become swollen or numb
  • Fingers or toes change colour or turn blue
  • The cast becomes wet or blood stained
  • The cast crack or becomes loose
  • There is severe irritation or burning under the cast
Plaster Room 1

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