Outpatient Bookings

The Outpatient Appointments and Records Unit (OPARU) was formed in 2006.  The service provides an integrated outpatient booking service for 18 of St. Mary’s consultant-led clinical services.  Previously this function would have been provided separately by each clinical service, distributed all over the St. Mary’s Hospital site.  Locating the booking staff adjacent to the medical records library allows booking staff to reduce time responding to queries, and supports the booking team as they prepare medical records for outpatient clinics. 

OPARU also provide reception cover for 5 of the hospital’s main outpatient areas.  Each year OPARU arrange around 125,000 outpatient appointments and the medical records library will house 250,000 records at any one time, with over 200,000 casenote movements (in and out of the library) annually.

The core hours of the service are 08:30 – 16:30 Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. Our telephone lines are open from 9am - 4pm. Please note it may be necessary to close between 12.30 – 1.30pm to cover lunchtime handover period. If so, there will be a message to advise.

OPARU contact details are as follows:

Medicine and Maxillofacial Department appointments, 01983 534793
Email: OPARUMedical@iow.nhs.uk  

General Surgery and Urology appointments, 01983 534798.
Email: OPARUSurgical@iow.nhs.uk

Orthopaedics appointments, 01983 534161.
Email: OPARUOrthopaedics@iow.nhs.uk

Head & Neck Appointments, Ophthalmology appointments 01983 534611 and
Ear Nose & Throat appointments 01983 534287.
Email: OPARUHead&Neck@iow.nhs.uk

OPARU Medical Records Library Team, 01983 534629.
Email: OPARURecords@iow.nhs.uk


For access to medical records under the Data Protection Act email –dataprotectionrequests@iow.nhs.uk or call the Information Governance team on Tel 01983 822099 ext: 2078/5677

For all other departments please call St Mary's Switchboard on 01983 822099.


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