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Let’s Show We Care


What is "Let’s Show We Care”?

"Let’s Show We Care” is a set of values and behaviours we want all staff – whatever their role in our organisation – to adopt. They have been developed through consultation with a wide range of staff, executive leads, patient representatives and through sharing similar initiatives undertaken by other NHS & non health related organisations.

Having a clear set of values that illustrate the behaviours we expect our staff to display enables us all to challenge instances where these behaviours are not evident and positively acknowledge when they are.

Alan Sheward, Executive Director of Nursing and Workforce


Why is this important for the future?

NHS Isle of Wight must be a standalone NHS Foundation Trust by April 2014 or become part of a mainland organisation. As a Foundation Trust our customer care will be closely scrutinised and we must meet the requirements of the NHS Constitution. The Islanders and visitors we serve are right to demand and expect high standards from all of us. Your support in showing that we care in line with the principles outlined here will help us to become a successful Foundation Trust and ensure that patients continue to use us for their healthcare needs.

Karen Baker, Chief Operating Officer


Karen Baker Alan Sheward



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