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Each inpatient may receive up to two visitors by their bedside, during the hours of 2pm to 8pm.

For children’s ward, maternity, neonatal, intensive care, and chemotherapy areas, other arrangements outside of this can be made in agreement with the nurse in charge, consultant, or other appropriate healthcare professional involved in the patient's care.

Exceptions can be made:

  • For a patient attending Urgent and Emergency Care - they may be accompanied by one person outside these times e.g., family member, or somebody important to the patient to support the patient at the initial point of admission.
  • If a patient is receiving end of life care or in other compassionate or exceptional circumstances, in agreement with the nurse in charge, consultant or another clinician.
  • For carers or people providing support - visiting should be permitted when this is beneficial to a patient's care. Examples include, but are not limited to, a carer who is supporting someone with a mental health issue such as dementia, a learning disability or autism, where not being present would cause the patient to be distressed; a carer who outside of the hospital provides the care for a patient with complex health needs. Visiting in this situation is not limited to a specific time and will be determined by the specific circumstances of the patient. This may include a carer staying with the patient for up to 24 hours a day.
  • For partners of women requiring support through antenatal and scan attendances, induction of labour, during labour, as well as the postnatal period as per visiting guidance for maternity services.
  • If the visitors are the parents or appropriate adults visiting or supporting a child.
  • Patients may be accompanied to outpatient, day case or diagnostic appointments by one person. Guidance for these departments should be followed in relation to patients and visitors attending these areas.

Key measures will remain in place to maintain the safety of patients, staff and visitors:

  • Members of the staff retain the right to refuse entry to visitors or otherwise manage visitor numbers if an area becomes overcrowded or becomes subject to specific and enhanced infection prevention measures.
  • Members of the public should not attend any health or care setting if they are displaying any symptoms of COVID-19, other respiratory viruses, or symptoms of viral gastroenteritis, unless seeking urgent medical treatment.
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