Our Trust is an integrated provider of acute and ambulance services.

The Trust embraces the NHS Constitution’s commitment to treating our staff - our people, with dignity, fairness, and respect, to create a working environment that is supportive, inclusive and offers personal and professional growth.

The need to support and develop compassionate and inclusive leadership, to engage and inspire our workforce, to proactively support wellbeing, to adopt innovative approaches to recruitment and retention, and to maintain a focus on our culture, remain critical to our success. We will embrace the NHS People Plan and it is in this context that we present our People and Organisational Development Strategy.

This strategy sets out a vision to make our organisation a great place to work in a culture where our people can thrive and provides clear aims and objectives to make this happen. It is a live document and is central in supporting our organisation’s vision, values, and objectives.

If you require this strategy in a different language or different media, please contact our Patient Experience Team at: