CelebratingTeams-logo.pngRecognising the great work of our staff and volunteers is very important to us as an organisation. Everyone should come to work and know their contribution is valued and appreciated.

Through both formal and less formal channels, here are just some of the ways we celebrate our amazing team:

Employee of the Month

Taking the time to say thank you or to recognise when someone has done a good job is really important. Employee or Team of the Month is a great opportunity to recognise and celebrate the hard work and achievements of our colleagues in a timely manner. Our Employee of the Month programme is designed to help celebrate success across the organisation and to recognise people who have recently demonstrated our Trust values. 


Our IOW NHS CARE Awards acknowledge the outstanding service that has been delivered and support the continuing development of a culture whereby we all feel valued for the work we do and are recognised for the contribution we make.

When we have a date for the next CARE awards we will invite staff and the public to nominate individuals or teams that they feel really deserve the recognition. 

Long Service Award

The hard work and dedication of staff who have worked for the NHS for many years is very important to us and deserves recognition.  

We are pleased to celebrate those that have worked for the NHS for 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 years.

Social Shoutout

Our weekly eBulletin newsletter features a 'Social Shoutout' section that features positive content that has been shared about our trust or its staff via social media accounts or within our #TeamIOWNHS staff Facebook group. 

To share your positive words with us, simply include @IOWNHS or #TeamIOWNHS in your social posts.

Meet the Team

We want to champion all of #TeamIOWNHS, whether you're frontline staff, or you keep our Trust working in a role behind the scenes. We regularly shine a light on one team from across the organisation. We talk about what their role/s involve, their latest achievements, and what makes them proud to work at IOW NHS Trust.

Nominating your team to feature as #MeetTheTeam team is simple, please just email: iownt.comms@nhs.net 


Greatix let's us recognise and celebrate the excellence that happens everyday but often goes unnoticed. Any staff member can nominate a colleague or team all year round. A certificate will be produced for those nominated. Every certificate is signed by our Chief Officer, Joe Smyth.

Take five minutes of your time to make a colleague's day and help us learn and share excellence by completing a nomination form on our staff intranet.

Feedback Friday

We use feedback that has been sent into the trust from a patient, or their family, carer, or friend, and communicate that feedback on our social media channels and within our own internal channels. Sharing the great feedback that members of #TeamIOWNHS have received is uplifting.

If you're a patient who has had a positive experience with us, please let our Patient Experience team know: iownt.PALS@nhs.net or tag us on social media @IOWNHS.

Thank you card

Most people appreciate a personal touch so thank you cards are available for staff to send each other as a token of thanks and show their appreciation. 

Thank you cards are available for staff to send to one another by hard copy. Email: iownt.thank-you-cards@nhs.net

Staff story

Despite the staff recognition programmes we have running, there are always colleagues that we don't get to shine a spotlight on and highlight the amazing work that they do. We like to go out and about and find individuals going about their job and promote their great work. We share across our social media channels who they are, where they work, and what a typical day looks like for them.

Does your team have a good news story to share or would you like us to shine a spotlight on the contribution of your role? We would love to hear from you so please contact: iownt.comms@nhs.net