The safety of our patients and of our staff is central to our systems and procedures. If you see anything that you consider unsafe, please tell a member of the healthcare team immediately. 

As part of our fire precautions, fire alarms are tested weekly. In the event of a fire, you will hear a continuous alarm and be instructed by staff who will escort you to a safe area if necessary. 

The hospital has a duty of care for its staff. In this regard we will not tolerate threatening behaviour, harassment, violence or abuse to staff and we reserve the right to prosecute such behaviour. 

We are dedicated to giving you quality care and a safe environment. In return, we expect you to be co-operative and courteous to our staff.

Operation Cavell:

In October 2021, we launched a pilot scheme, called Operation Cavell.

Operation Cavell brings together experts from the NHS, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Police, and Crown Prosecution Service, working together to improve the prosecution rates in criminal investigations following assaults on NHS workers.

Operation Cavell will help to protect health workers on the frontline and ensure that senior investigators review all crimes against NHS workers or volunteers, to increase prosecutions of those who assault NHS workers.

Find out more about Operation Cavell.

Violent and Aggression 

Facing violence and aggression can be a frightening experience. As well as being physically injured, you may also be affected emotionally. The Isle of Wight NHS is committed as part of Hampshire and Isle of Wight Police to supporting staff to help them cope and recover if they are a victim of violence int he workplace. All NHS staff have the right to work without fear of violence, abuse or harassment.

Raising and incident

If you or a colleague has been the victim of an incident involving violence or aggression, please ensure this is recorded on the DATIX incident reporting system making sure to mark it as such. If you would like to escalate this through Operation Cavell, please download the Operation Cavell Police Crime Reporting form and send to

If you're unsure please make contact with our Local Security Management Specialist who will be able to assist you copying in your line manager.

Operation Cavell

Operation Cavell is a partnership pact between the Isle of Wight NHS and Hampshire and Isle of Wight Police to develop knowledge and understanding amongst our staff; to build trust and confidence; and to provide an effective and consistent response when healthcare staff are threatened or assaulted. Operation Cavell allows staff to report incidents of Violence and Aggression towards staff directly to Hampshire and Isle of Wight Police.

Useful Documents/links

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