Welcome to St Mary's Hospital

We are really pleased that you’ve decided to have your treatment at St. Mary’s Hospital. We recognise that we all get anxious about coming into hospital and our aim is to ensure that your stay with us is as worry free as possible. This section aims to provide you with the information you need to make your time at St. Mary’s as straightforward as possible and to enable you to actively participate in your healthcare. None of us want to be in hospital any longer than necessary and there is so much you can do to aid your own recovery – eating healthily, taking exercise, reducing alcohol intake and  stopping smoking.

At an early stage healthcare staff  will discuss with you arrangements for your discharge which may be to home or somewhere else. Wherever you are going after you leave hospital, staff will ensure it is clinically safe for you to leave and provide you with information about support services and what to do if you have any concerns after your discharge.  The Isle of Wight NHS Trust strive to provide quality care for everyone every time. Sometimes we don’t get things right and it’s important that you let your named nurse or the person in charge of your ward or treatment area know if you have any concerns.   

Finally, after your treatment we’ll ask you to let us know how we did. Please complete our patient survey which includes the national Friends and Family ‘test’ asking whether you would recommend our services to others.