We support patients who require translation or interpreting services by making foreign language and sign language interpreters available for inpatients, day patients, and outpatients on request.

For foreign language translation requirements, we have a contract with Language Line Solutions. This is an 'over the telephone' service.

Using this service means that we can ensure patients can access almost every language to help them. It would be impossible to provide face-to-face, clinically trained translators for every dialect / language across the world and so by using Language Line Solutions we can offer foreign language translation in over 100 languages. 

For sign language interpreting, we will always endeavour to provide British Sign Language (BSL) interpreters for hospital appointments or admissions. We are sometimes notified of a patient need for a BSL Interpreter by the referring GP, or sometimes we respond to requests direct from our patients. If you have received a hospital appointment and you require a BSL interpreter to be arranged for you, then please contact the department you are booked in with, and ask staff to make the necessary arrangements for you.

If you have a regular interpreter you know well, or who has supported you in the past, please inform the relevant ward or service.

If you have any questions in relation to translation and interpreting at our trust please contact our ​​​Patient Experience Team.