Introducing Call 4 Concern (C4C)

Call 4 Concern (C4C) is a new patient safety service being introduced and run by our Critical Care Outreach Service (CCOS). The service has been introduced following the creation of Martha's Rule/Law. 

Martha’s rule is a proposed law change in England that would give patients, families, and carers the legal right to a second opinion from senior medics in the same hospital if they are deteriorating rapidly and feel their concerns are being dismissed.

The rule is named after Martha Mills, a teenager who died after failures in treating her sepsis at King’s College Hospital. Her parents are calling for patients to be given the right to an urgent second opinion, if they have concerns about their care, under “Martha’s rule”.

The scheme is based on existing systems in Australia, America, and some UK hospitals.

CCOS is committed to support all areas of the hospital in the care of acutely ill patients of all ages. We have been successfully piloting this new service in our Children’s ward for the past few weeks with a plan roll it out across the hospital early this year.

The service enables patients, families, friends or carers to call for immediate help and advice if they are concerned that a patient’s deteriorating condition is not being adequately recognised or addressed by the ward team.

Vikki Crickmore, Consultant Nurse Critical Care, said: “We believe that patients, carers and family members know if their condition or that of a loved one is changing for the worse and it can extremely helpful and reassuring for them to have a process in place which enables them to raise their concerns and get immediate support.”

This complements the other safety initiatives that we already have in place and is only for inpatients staying at St Mary’s Hospital.

When should you contact C4C?

  • If you are concerned that you or your relatives clinical condition has worsened
  • You feel that your concerns have not been listened to
  • You would like immediate help and advice

What should you do?

  1. Talk to the ward nursing team or the nurse in charge
  2. If your concerns are not resolved, call 01983 822033 and ask to be connected to the Critical Care Outreach Service on bleep 006
    • Remember to provide your name, ward name and bed number and your contact phone number

The Critical Care Outreach Service will contact you as soon as possible and assess how best to help you