Keeping children safe is a top priority for our trust.

All children have a right to protection from violence, exploitation, maltreatment, and neglect.

We take safeguarding duties extremely seriously and we have a zero tolerance approach to any form of child maltreatment and abuse.

All our staff must demonstrate the highest standards of behaviour towards children in both their professional and personal lives, and must never abuse the position of trust that comes with being part of our organisation.

We must do all we can to prevent, report and respond appropriately to child maltreatment, and seek advice whenever needed.

“To listen to a child and share information must be our aim if child abuse is to be discovered and prevented.”

We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people aged 0 to18 years of age on the Isle of Wight. All organisations that work with children and their families share a commitment to safeguard & promote children’s welfare and this is underpinned by a statutory duty under the Children Act 2004 and Working Together to Safeguard Children 2023.

The Isle of Wight NHS Trust Safeguarding Children Team lead on all aspects of safeguarding children working across the Isle of Wight health economy. Their role includes:

  • Providing a vital source of professional advice on safeguarding and child protection matters for frontline staff.
  • The promotion of good professional practice which safeguards and promotes the welfare of children backed up with sound policies and procedures.
  • Influencing, developing, delivering and monitoring of safeguarding children training and supervision.
  • Linking with partnership agencies including Children's Social Care, Police, Education, and the Isle of Wight Local Safeguarding Children Partnership LSCP.
  • The Paediatric Liaison Service which includes supporting practitioners with the Was Not Brought procedure when children are not taken for health appointments or for whom there are safeguarding concerns. Monday to Fridayone of the team liaises with areas of the hospital that provide daily care for children including Children's Emergency Department/ Children’s Ward / Urgent Treatment Centre/ Special Care Baby Unit. Relevant information is passed to 0 to19 team to inform care planning after hospital contact. This overview by the safeguarding team also ensures a “safety net” to ensure child protection processes are followed and appropriate liaison with other safeguarding partners occurs.
  • We work closely with the local Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub MASH ensuring information about vulnerable children in need is shared in a safe, timely way. Working together with the Local Authority to keep children safe from harm.

For all child protection queries, advice and referral support, our team is available from Monday to Friday at 8am to 5pm via telephone: 01983 822099 ext. 5412.

If you are concerned about a child, contact the team in office hours or Hants Direct at any time on 0300 300 0117 for advice and support.